3 Tips to Start a New Business Effectively- Haroon Qureshi

Haroon Qureshi

Let’s face it; growing businesses have never been easy but wait here’s the caveat. If you are stuck with the fear of starting a business keeping in mind the uncertainties associated with it then I must say that what is even harder is to be in a job of 9-5 expecting a fixed paycheck. It is no doubt that some of the greatest entrepreneurs and business people are the ones who never liked the idea of a fixed paycheck. These are the ones who like to break their comfort zone unlike the idea of doing a fixed job which leads to a life of comfort zones. “Although about 90% of the start-ups fail in a year, the rewards are greater than being in a traditional 9-5 job,” says Haroon Qureshi, the leading business launch expert of the country.

Below are some of the most important tips to start and grow your business

  1. Finding A Reason

The first and foremost tip is no doubt the most important one. Having a conversation with yourself is the first step in achieving anything big? Ask yourself questions. Why you want to start a business. Are you simply motivated by money or is it beyond money-making? Do you have a new idea to start with? Starting with a new idea has its advantages as it makes you stand out from your potential competitors. Although starting implementing any new idea comes with a lot of risks but it is worth taking a risk than finding yourself in a place doing the same thing. This is why some of the best and leading business experts such as Haroon and others advocate the idea of doing your own thing.

2. Having A Plan In Place

Planning is one thing that you should never take lightly. It is rightly said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Having a plan in place avoids your time on unnecessary stuff. Business is one thing where your success or failure is visible from the statistics in hand. Hence, growing businesses is not about improving one aspect of the business but it is the improvement of the business in totality. All the departments of the business must work in tandem to give the best outputs.

3. Creating A Buyer(S) Person

Have you figured it out yet why most businesses fail? It is unfortunate to note that most of the businesses spend a lot of time and money on everything else other than understanding the buying habits of their customers. Hence, executing marketing and advertising strategies without knowing much about the customer increases the chances of business failure. Understanding your customers by creating buyer personas and executing marketing and advertising strategies according to those personas is one thing that you must not miss onto. 

Conclusion: Growing a business comes with challenges but its results are always rewarding. Before starting any business, you must consider some important tips such as finding a reason, having a plan in place and creating buyer personas to execute marketing and advertising strategies efficiently. One of the best business launch experts such as Haroon Quershi and others stresses the importance of these tips.


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