5 Step Action Plan for Online Reputation Management


Do you know what your potential customer think about you?  Reputation isn’t built by accident but it can be made through reviews, comments and conversations that play as a key to build brand reputation. In today’s world image is an asset for business and to build the positive one business owners need to have a robust strategy and to make it professionally one can make his/her rely on Dr. Rissy’s writing a firm giving Online Reputation Management Services from years.

Two Key-Players in any Reputation Management Process

Monitoring: Stay active on social media and keep your eye on what your customers, influencers as well as your competitors are saying about your brand and products.

On-time responding: Take active measures to develop adequate response on the negative stuff or things people are saying about you.

Essential Steps to Make a Strong Reputation Managed

Step 1: Monitor Your Reputation

Step 2: Make a Response Plan.

Step 3: Handle Negative Comments Cautiously.

Step 4: Create the positive ones.

Step 5: Finally Measure Your Results.

  1. Monitor Your Reputation

What people are saying about you on the web really matters for boosting sales for your business because the things people are saying about you on the web really have its impact on the decisions their customers are taking. Every review or comment whether it is positive of negative should be monitor carefully so that the spreading of negative information all over the web could be controlled before it cause any harm to your sales and business reputation.

2. Make a Response Plan

We are living in the world where technology is too handy and it’s not hard to post a negative comment and review about an individual and business especially, if you are having business rivalry. So making an immediate response to negative reviews and comments is the pertinent solution to keep your end safe from additional problems. Obviously!!  Being an owner you have thousands of things to do and might not have time for your reputation management. In such situation you can hire professional who provide quality Online Reputation Management Services.

3. Handle Negative Comments Cautiously

Getting negative comment and one star review on the web could be image harassing in practical life ignorance is the best possible solution to deal such situations but when it comes to internet it remain on the web for longer period of time. On-time responding is the best possible solution to clear the air evidently 80% of unhappy customers could be won with the right response.

So if you are scratching your head thinking about what is the right approach for response?  It must be in polite, professional and friendly manner.
4. Create the Positive Ones

Responding for negative reviews is essential but creating the positive ones is crucial. Positive posts and reviews can actually enhance your online reputation. If someone posts something positive about your business and products thank them for their kind words it could be encouraging for others too. But in today’s high competition these are worth you have to go beyond with active management of your online profiles.

5. Finally Measure Your Results

You are investing in reputation management because you want to protect it so you need to track whether that’s working or not. If you are using monitoring tools ensure to use adequate ones.

Hopefully the information given in the blog would be helpful for you to reach out your reputation goals. To know more and to have professional help feel free to contact Dr. Rissy’s writing provide quality Online Reputation Management Services.


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