5 Steps Of Preparing Success With Volunteers – Adrian Goh Guan Kiong


An effective and sustainable volunteer program decreases the administrative cost, engages club members, increase support, distribute the workload. This work needs s[ecial skills to cater to the need of people.

According to reports of 2014, the average value of volunteers per hour was $23.07 in the united states. This based on reports, government issues, and financial statements. So it is very important to use them effectively to get maximum productivity from minimum investment.

Here are some steps to managing a successful volunteer program provided to us by Adrian Goh Guan Kiong, doing volunteer work, helping the poor, needy, and the elderly. These steps are understanding your requirements, inviting participants, preparation and executing the work, training volunteers, and last appreciating them for their work.

These are 5 steps hosting a successful volunteer campaign.

1. Understanding your requirements:-

The most important task before hosting a successful volunteer program is to know your exact needs like what is the event, how many volunteers are required, what should be their specifications.

It is important to note down all your requirements. This list includes the job descriptions, skills and abilities, task and time required, basic communication skills, and important supplies and equipment required. 

2. Inviting the volunteers:-

It is important when you approach volunteers for their help you must present them the note of requirement which helps them to find you the best options available as well as it proves you a well-organized organization. This benefits both the organization and the volunteers too. A volunteering activity should be meaningful and manageable.

3. Preparing and training:-

This involves imparting the right knowledge about the job to the volunteers. Make a proper plan of the event and then train the volunteers of the job they have to perform. It’s a fact that training increases the productivity of the employee, they can do the job in an efficient way.

4. Executing the planned work:-

Just making a proper plan is not enough, we have to execute the work in an effective way. This is the phase when you need to support your volunteers to complete the job. By now you have got the idea of the active and less active volunteer, now you can position them based on their attentiveness.

5. Appreciating their work:-

The word thank you is the most powerful weapon in this world. Once your event is done you should appreciate the work of the volunteers. Expressing your gratitude empowers them to work them efficiently. These help them to retain in the volunteering activities.

These were some of the basic steps to be followed to prepare a successful event with volunteers. We thank Adrian Goh Guan Kiong for his valuable advice on the host successful events. We would recommend their service as they would cater to the best as per your requirements.


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