A Helpful Guide for UK Citizens to Apply for Indian Visa


Other than the citizens of Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives, every foreigner must have a valid visa before travelling to India. Therefore British tourists travelling or planning travelling to India must apply to the Indian authorities for visa. The Indian Visa procedure was always little confusing. Recently, the Indian establishment has taken up the task of making it easier. As a result, a lot of changes have been introduced to its visa procedure.

It’s better that you get used to the changes to get your visa faster and with greater ease.

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Indian visa procedure for foreign citizens including that of the UK

As an UK citizen, you have to apply for a visa before visiting India even if you plan to go on an e-visa or a visa-on-arrival. Indian tourist visas are valid from the date of issue and not from the date of your arrival to India. In other words, if you apply for your visa months in advance, it will just be time wastage on your visa.

Visa on arrival or e-visa to India

Citizens from 161 nations including the Commonwealth countries are allowed to apply online for an e-tourist visa to India. e-Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is now valid for 60 days instead of 30. The application procedure is fully online and you must apply at least 4 days before commencing your journey from home. The cost varies from country to country. The cost of an ETA to India for UK citizens is approximately £54. There will also be a nominal admin charge on top of it.

The e-visa is now stretched to 3 categories, namely:

  • e-Tourist visa
  • e-Business visa and
  • e-Medical visa

e-tourist visa and e-business visa allow double entry while e-medical visa allows triple entry to the country. You can enjoy the e-visa facility through 3 seaports and 24 airports across India. The window for e-visa application has been extended from 30 days to 120 days by the India visa authorities.

Applying for Indian e-visa online

To apply for an Indian e-visa, you better contact our 24/7 friendly and helpful staffs at Visa genie.

Our staffs are efficient in this aspect and you have to collect your visa on arrival at any major airport in India. This visa application process is quite tedious and involves sufficient paperwork. A small mistake on the application form may get your application rejected. If your visa is not granted for whatsoever reason, neither the visa processing fee nor the visa fee will be refunded to you.

UK citizens, whose parents or grandparents were born in Pakistan are not eligible for e-tourist visa to India. They have to apply for normal tourist visas. You can’t apply for more than 2 ETVs in one calendar year. Moreover, an ETA is neither extendable nor convertible. An e-visa may require 2 weeks to get processed but it proves very helpful in making a quick vacation to India easier and hassle-free.

Selecting the Indian visa type

Visa genie is the UK’s one of the most successful visa agencies. It earned reputation in smoothly working out emergency visas to India from UK. Officials associated with it point out that the majority of British citizens come to India with tourist visas valid for 3 to 6 months. You can also apply for a 6-month or 12-month tourist visa with multiple entry facility at the same price. Please note that even a 12-month visa does not allow you stay more than 180 days in India at a stretch. You have to leave at least for a day and return again without any hassle whatsoever.

India also provides up to 5-year tourist visa with multiple entries. You have to furnish a letter with mentioning your reason for the 5-year tourist visa and submit it along with the visa application. Biometric enrolment is must for this category of visas. This one too allows you maximum 180-day stay per visit to the country.

India grants tourist visas only on certain grounds including the following:

  • The applicant should not have an occupation or residence in India.
  • The sole objective of an applicant to visit India must either be sightseeing, recreation or casual visit to meet friends and family.

If you mention any other reason, intentionally or mistakenly, the application will be rejected.

There are different visas for voluntary social work, journalism, pursuing study, conducting business, research or employment in India.

Visa genie has outstanding success rate in getting visa applications for India from the UK granted. Please feel free to place your queries on visas for India to this reliable and expert agency.


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