Adam Robinson Bendigo | 5 Major Benefits of AFCI Outlets in Your Home


AFCI(arc fault circuit interrupters) are one of the basic needs of modern homes. The main objective behind installing AFCI is to protect the electrical arcs that may have a temperature of 10000F, which could easily erupt fire in woods, insulations, and others.

We have noted down some of the basic information about AFCI and the major benefits of installing them.

What is an arc fault?

By Adam Robinson Bendigo, Normally electricity is carried through wires. An arc fault is a situation when the circuit breaks and the electricity flow through the objects surrounding the wire. As a result, the objects get overheated and catches fire and can result in serious injuries and deaths. After all, there is great damage to the property.

What is an AFCI?

According to Adam Robinson BendigoAn AFCI is designed to monitor the arc in the circuit. It is basically a circuit breaker that responds immediately to an arc by making a sudden power cut and thus breaking the flow of the circuit. AFCI s the device which protects from a condition that can lead to serious fire and accidents. Now, here are some benefits of using AFCI outlets:-

  • Difference between normal and dangerous arcs.

AFCI outlet can differentiate between different types of arcs like parallel or series arcs. AFCI is designed to monitor various kinds of arcs whether it is of kitchen appliances or of an air condition or a vacuum cleaner and lighting switches. AFCI is designed and programmed to sense hundreds of different types of arcs of operating devices.

  • Prevent serious damages and deaths.

As per the reports, 50 % of an electrical fire in Australia is caused due to electrical arcs breaks. As per reports of us fire administration, there is a 20% drop in electrical fire after the use of AFCI and good construction materials and other means of fire prevention.

  • More effective than any standard circuit breaker.

Standard circuit breakers aren’t designed to analyze and respond to arc faults. They can cause serious damage and fire accidents. AFCI is designed in such a way that it can detect short circuits and overloads. This may prevent serious conditions to occur.

  • Safety for other branch circuits.

AFCIs are best suited for 15 A or 20A branch circuits, they can be installed for small rooms and offices. You must use AFCI devices in order to maintain safety around you.

  • Helping hand to comply with national electrical code.

The National Fire Protection Association has compulsion AFCI for bedroom, kitchen, laundry areas, and etc. this was made compulsory after research from 2006-2010, where  80% of home fires were from laundry and kitchens.

These were some of the benefits to install AFCI in your homes. Create a safe home living with Adam Robinson Bendigo, a leading installer of AFCIs. You may contact him for installing AFCI system and live safe.


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