Why Going for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is Beneficial?

Aesthetic plastic surgery

Aesthetic plastic surgery is just one piece pie in the big world of plastic surgery. We can also call it cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. In the relevant procedure surgeons used to identify and mold tissue defects through surgical procedures. Dr Adivania Pinheiro at WellMed Dubai is an experienced surgeon in the field who assures quality surgery.  

What Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Actually Means?

This particular surgery focuses on the procedures that are carrying out to boost the appearance of a particular body part. They include breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, facelift and fat transfer etc. All the mentioned procedures just enhance appearances these have nothing to do with medical conditions.

Why Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is Preferable?

  • Improve Self-Confidence:

    Improved body appearance is the direct benefit that one gets from cosmetic plastic surgery. If you are fighting against stubborn body fat that is making your day to day life uncomfortable and making you feel uncomfortable and hindering you from being socially active cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction reduces body weight to give you perfect body shape.

  • Physical Comfort and Ease:

    Women having extra body fat and large breasts can understand the relief that they can get from breast reduction and fat transfer like aesthetic surgery procedures. After these procedures one gets easily fit with their own body shape and it eases them to do day to day activities without physical discomfort.

  • Improved Body Health and Overall Functionality:

    Cosmetic plastic surgery not only improve your physical appearance but it also offers health benefits for example Rhinoplasty not only reshape patient’s nose but makes individuals to breath comfortably.

  • Improves Quality of Life: 

    Being over weighed and having defects in some body parts hinders one to live a quality life getting these defects removed through cosmetic surgery make one to step in quality life.

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Dr Adivania Pinheiro WellMed Dubai provides all types of aesthetic surgery procedures such as Body lift Brazilian butt lift Bichectomy Botox Breast augmentation Breast lift (mastopexy, all varieties) Breast reduction Breast reconstruction (post-mastectomy, constricted breast, Poland’s) Chin implant (intraoral, with no scar) and more.


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