An Attack On Afghanistan’s Sikh Temple’s Worshipers

An Attack On Afghanistan's Sikh Temple’s Worshipers 3

According to the sources and evidence, the attackers were seen entering the Hindu-Sikh temple at around 7.45 am in Afghans capital Kabul. Out of these attackers, one gunman starts firing on the worshippers.

A Sikh MP Anarkali Kaur Honaryar spoke about the incident and how dreadful it was. She said people arrive at the place for their prayer just like every normal day and sudden firing on them creates an unforgettable scenario at the place of worship. It was horrible to see the innocents crying and hiding for their lives.

Number of Deaths Recorded:

 In this storm, around 25 people were dead out of 150 people who gathered there for the prayer. Although, later on, the security forces killed the gunman after the six hours of the firing. However, the Taliban denied any kind of involvement in this attack and the Islamic State took a claim for this one. FYI, before this attack, IS had attacked other religious minorities including the Sikhs also. 

Afghan Conflict’s

For peace, an agreement was signed to end 18 years of conflict between the US and the Taliban. Taliban is considered as the powerful one in comparison to IS. Hence it was concluded that in terms of showing its power, IS had attacked the people.

After this deadly attack, it seems like Afghans people have to wait for long to get a peaceful life.

The Vulnerability of Afghanistan’s Sikhs

After many times of harassment and discrimination on the Sikh population, it was still not stopped. Recalling July 2018, in Jalalabad, nearly 19 people killed and 20 were injured in an attack by IS. And again this time, the innocent worshippers had to pay off their lives for no crime.

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Hopefully, the breeze of peace and people security will come soon in Afghanistan and let the residents be safe.


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