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Ayman Shahine

Dr Ayman Shahine, the President of The American Academy of Medical journalism, presented a summary of the most up to date and recent reports on the development of an effective vaccine to the Coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic disease,  as published by the Lancet, a famous and reliable medical journal. The Lancet reported that currently there are two advanced vaccine research studies on the verge of moving onto the latter stages of development. One of these studies is English and the other one is Chinese. Both are showing promising positive protective responses to the Coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 disease.

The English vaccine, code-named AZD1222 is being developed by the joint scientific cooperation of the giant drug manufacturer AstraZeneca and various scientists at Oxford University in England.

AZD1222 study involves more than 1000 adults in the United Kingdom of both sexes and ages ranging from 18 to 55 years. Dr Shahine reported that Professor Adrian hill who is conducting the research on the vaccine at Oxford University in the United Kingdom said that the preliminary studies show that the vaccine Provides immunity and protection against the virus via two separate routes. The first route is by stimulating the body to synthesize antibodies against the virus. These viral antibiotics latch onto receptors on the surface of the viral entity, neutralize the virus, and make it unable to replicate thus eliminating it. The second route the vaccine confers protection is by producing T cells.T Cells are white blood cells with longer-lasting memory of the virus. They are capable to recognize the virus and kill it. Ayman Shahine also reported that recent studies that show that the level of viral antibodies in the human body may decrease with time and therefore compromise long term immunity.  The T cell protective response, however, may last much longer therefore hopefully conferring prolonged protection and immunity against the virus.

“The above findings seem to be encouraging and are mostly invitro laboratory findings which need to be confirmed by further in vivo studies on live human subjects” reported Dr Ayman Shahine . The Chinese vaccine study on the other hand is conducted by a Chinese military research unit named CanSino Biologics Inc. It involves about 500+ subjects with similar age groups. They named the vaccine research they are working on Ad5-nCOV. 

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Similar to the English study findings, the Chinese researchers found that their version of the vaccine induces both an antibody response and a T cell response against the virus. However, after the strict and very successful Chinese measures to control the pandemic in their country active Corona infection cases in China became very rare at the present time. This scarcity in people with active Corona infections in china and the inability to find enough numbers of actively sick patients in the country made it difficult to move ahead and start applying phase loll trials. The company is in discussions and contacts with countries where the coronavirus pandemic is still heavily prevalent in the population like Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

Dr Shahine also reported that In addition to the English and Chinese preliminary vaccine researches, there are more than 20 additional entities working on vaccine research for the COCID-19.

A WHO Spokeswoman, Margaret Harris, mentioned that among the 20 or so entities who reported some success and promising results are companies like Indigo Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Moderna. Mrs. Harris said, “All these entities are actively racing to develop an effective and safe vaccine.”


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