Basics Of DSLR Camera And Lens For Best Photography


Photography using DSLR camera is not an easy task. One should know about the features of DSLR camera. DSLR camera is having some features like Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, Burst mode, Multi Shoot mode.

Each parameter of these features plays important role during shooting a picture. Like if we need to click a photo of a Flying Bird then shutter speed should be high and it should be clicked using Burst mode. In Burst Mode, a photographer can click multiple photos in a second (depending upon the camera sensor specifications).

While clicking a photo of a flying Bird, photo shoot can result blur images if a photographer is not taking care of all parameters of camera features.

There are many types of lenses available in market with different key features.

Types of DSLR lenses are:-

  1. Standard Lenses
  2. Kit Lenses
  3. Prime Lenses
  4. Telephoto Zoom Lenses
  5. Wide Angle Lenses

All type of lenses has different types of features. Like there is a Image Stabilisation (IS) and Auto focus button on lens.  We can also use manually focus mode on lens to decrease the time utilized by controller to focus any image. But a photographer can use manual mode after having experience only. A fresher in photography will waste time in making any photo focus using lens.

Photos clicked in dark or low light area or shadow area, needs to be clicked with more ISO value. But using more ISO Value, will produce lower quality images with noise effect. Colors in this image will not be real with less sharpness.

Photos in normal light area can be clicked in low ISO mode. In this mode shutter speed will low so more light will be travelled on camera sensor. Resulting, more sharpness, high quality and real colors.

Like if we need to click a long distance Birds, Animals which might be in moving state, ISO should be high enough to capture movable objects. And if want to click scenery which having still objects then ISO should be low, so that quality of image should be more better with more accuracy of object pixels.

Prime Lens is a lens that having one focal length only. These are top end lenses. These lenses also having zoom feature, as some camera doesn’t have digital zoom.

Telephoto zoom lenses are very popular lenses in DSLR lenses for better quality photos with more range of configurations. These lenses have narrow ranges. According to the need person can use any type of telephoto zoom lens. These lenses are starting from 300mm.


Macro lenses are used to take close up photo of any object. Using this lens, object photo can be clicked having more photo details (more accuracy and better colors).



Wide Angle Lenses are used to capture more area image into frame. We can capture landscapes, cramped images and large buildings. Wide angle lens has a wider angle of view. There are different types of Wide Angle Lens in different focal lengths. If a focal length of a camera is less than 35mm then it can be called as Wide Angle Lens and for less than or around 24mm then it can be called as Ultra Wide Angle Lens.




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