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Today the trend of buying rap beat is growing very fast. It is one of the best use of the internet to bring up young and talented singer and musician. Internet is the platform to bring youth talent. As this filled is growing fast, the disadvantage to it is there are too many frauds going on. It is important to identify the right source to buy the beats online to bring the youths up. Here we have listed some tips to Buy Beats Online.

We have years of experience in this industry and we have noted the this tips from personal experiences. Hope you would be benefited by these tips of buying rap beats online.

Knowledge of Music Licenses:

When you decide to buy these rap beats you must have the knowledge about the type of licenses provided by the website or sources. Basically, they are of two type exclusive licenses and non-exclusive licenses, where the exclusive right gives you the complete right to use the beats on your projects.
Whereas, non-exclusive licenses can even allow you to use the beats but the producer has the full authority to resell them. It is advised to use exclusive licenses to bring uniqueness in your content.

Right Choice Before Buying:

It is even important to choose the right licenses based on your use. Exclusive licenses are expensive and can you give sole right to use them exclusively for your albums. While if you are planning to buy them for practice or demo purpose, then you should go for the non-exclusive licenses. Art Sky Pro is the popular market place where you can Buy Beats and sound kits online.

Comparison of Price:

There are occasion when the producer charges a huge among for exclusive beats, which are of average standards. Let’s understand this with an

Exclusive licensed beats- for $500 and
Non-exclusive beats just for $10 -15.
In such a scenario it is advised not to buy an exclusive license as you have no face to face contact with the producers. They may trick you and resell them for higher prices.

Rely on a Trusted Source:

While making an online purchase you must keep safe while making transactions. As every organisation aims to work on long term goals so they maintain their trust.
However, in order to confirm their brand, you must cross-check the contact details and the privacy policies provided by them.
Verify Their Details:
The symbol of a trusted site is that they have third party verifications. These verifications create trust about the website. These verification symbols may be
⦁ Reviews and testimonials
⦁ BBB certificate
⦁ Verification from payment gateways like Paypal, Razorpay, etc.
⦁ Hacker safety certificates
⦁ Verification of contact details.
The trusted website provides its contact detail we must make confirmation about their details by making a call on the phone number provided. We may check their emails by sending a mail and seeing the response they make.

Check for the Reviews and Testimonials:

There are people with two perspectives one with negative with other positive. We must check the reviews if they are original and come from real accounts.
By having a look at the reviews you may also get the idea of kind of beats they produce.

Don’t Buy Beats from Irrelevant Sources:

A producer is not that poor that he can’t afford to buy a domain for his business. Don’t buy the beats where the producer send you the beats through a Soundclick on some social sites, etc.

Make a Google Search about the Site:

It is the easiest source to verify the site reputation. Does the site have any negative comments or anything unusual about the site?

Lastly, Check if the Site is Still Alive or Not:

It is important to see the minute details of the site, whether its content is updated constantly. Is the sites activity dead or active? You may look on their blogs page or notification menus or the calendar of the site.


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