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What is a real estate agent in the USA? How do you get into this profession of buying and selling real estate? The prerequisite is as follows: in the United States, 99% of sales go through real estate agents. In Jennifer Vu Realtor’s article today, we will take a closer look at this job, the training to access it, the purchasing and sales system seen by the Americans.

The examination prior to the license of real estate agent in the USA, compulsory but not sufficient step

In the United States, anyone can claim to become a real estate agent subject to passing a professional examination. This exam is open to anyone who wishes to take it, with only instructions for being at least 18 years old, a US social security number, a high school diploma, and a clean criminal record.

Each state in the USA has an exam called the “Real Estate Commission-approved pre-licensing” which candidates who wish to become real estate agents can sit for after two weeks of intensive courses and a cumulative total of 63 compulsory hours.

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Two options are available to candidates: the first is to take the test in a specialized center with exam preparation courses; the second is online registration and preparation to do at home all alone. At the end of this pre-license examination, the selected candidates will be able to pass the final real estate agent license.

You should know that the selection is tough across the Atlantic. Indeed, pre-licensing is extremely difficult to obtain and the failure rate is 80% on average on a first attempt. Applicants can nevertheless retake the test as many times as necessary without limits. This pre-license exam does not give real estate agent status, but the opportunity to pass the agent license which is another exam.

For their part, American universities offer a specialization in real estate which lasts 4 years but which does not give the license of a real estate agent in the USA. At the end of the course, the students of this 4-year course must also pass the license tests which will open the doors to this profession.

Being a real estate agent in the USA

  • Requires obtaining a real estate license
  • To work with a Jennifer Vu Realtor in Atlanta

Real estate agents, whether they work for a large structure or a small broker, must meet customer demand. When customers have formulated their purchase wishes by specifying the type of property, location and price range, the real estate agent gets to work.

He first consults the file of American real estate ads (the MLS file) and goes there to visit the property in order to present it or not to his customers. In America, each property offered for sale has a key lock called “lockbox”. This key lock is put on the door and opens with a manual number code or a bar code with an application. Thus the keys remain on the door of the property to be visited and each real estate agent in Atlanta and throughout the USA is free to visit the property.

Once the sale of the property is signed, the agents receive 3% of the sale price of the property. Once the property has been sold, a real estate agent in the United States in no way takes care of rental management, contrary to what Jennifer Vu Realtor offers its customers. Real estate agents across the Atlantic are only sales intermediaries. 


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