Best Singing Telegrams has reinvented the Singing Telegram!

Best Singing Telegrams

Rose started Best Singing Telegrams in 2017.  It was her way of sharing her love for musical theatre through the gift of song & dance.  Years before she made her mark on Broadway playing Marty in the hit musical Grease;  a culmination of a lifelong dream that started when she was a child.  When she moved to Los Angeles she witnessed a singing telegram that seemed stuck in a time-warp. The performance felt reminiscent of a bygone era full of cringe-worthy shticks seemingly designed to solely embarrass the recipient.   Rose conceived of a better experience; one that would elicit laughter but also wonderment.  Her vision: hire the most talented performers in Hollywood to create jaw-dropping Broadway acts. 

Most telegram service companies advertising to Los Angeles are corporations not located anywhere near the city, often not even in the state.  Best Singing Telegrams is locally owned and only serves our community,  which gives Rose the unique opportunity to personally meet & work with her hand-picked cast. Based in Hollywood, CA her performers travel up to 60 miles serving all of Greater Los Angeles and Orange County.  Together they have served hundreds of happy customers and are now the highest-rated telegram company in LA by YELP & Google Reviews.

Rose is delighted to share this unique personalized gift. “We craft one of a kind acts for each of our recipients, they are spectacularly executed by professional Hollywood performers, and with a little notice we take song requests from K-Pop to Lucille Ball.” Starting at $199, there is a vast array of characters and performers to choose from that you won’t find with any other company. They specialize in same-day requests and are known for their attention to detail and great customer service.  Her performers can bring flowers, balloons, chocolates, cake, and more to make your delivery extra special.  Whether your gift is for a birthday, anniversary, get-well-soon, congratulations, or just because; a Singing Telegram from this exceptional company is the way to go!!

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