The cans that we use in our daily lives are usually thrown away after the content in them is used. And while doing this, we never realize that those cans can of great use if we recycle them properly. Tin cans are generally used for storage purposes but even that can be overwhelming if you have a dozen cans and your need is only a few. So, naturally, you will have to throw the rest in the dustbin.

Instead of throwing them, why don’t you utilize them in a different manner other than for the storing purposes?

Still Confused?

Well, in that case, let’s have a brief tour about how you can put those unused food cans in use.

Pen Stands

Wrap your favourite wool around the can after opening the lid. You can also attach some decorative pieces over the wool to make it more attractive. And the pen stand is ready for your use. You can also use more than one wool and make a color pattern.

Recyclable Cake Stands

Not getting the cake stand? Don’t worry because the cans are here. Simply grab a hard tin can and place it under cake plate to make it more lucrative. But before that, don’t forget to decorate the cake stand.

Easy Cookie Cutter

Cookies mean drooling and that’s why you need the perfect cookie cutter. If you want to make some different shapes instead of the regular circular one, then the unused cans are going to be handy. Cut a thin strip cross-sectional and bend the tin to get the desired shape.

Organize the Drawer with Cans

Are you getting frustrated with a messed up drawer? Put a full stop to your frustrations and use your unused cans to organize the storage. Decorate the cans as per your own wish and then place them inside the drawers. Now, you can place your things in those tin cans.

Breadstick Holders

Its party time and you are finding it difficult to arrange the long breadsticks. This is the time where you can use those old food cans and place them on the dining table with the breadsticks in them.

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