Brilliant Strategies to keep Tall Fescue Sod Green in Summers

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The summer season brings trouble alongside the fun part. People enjoy the summer because of the long holidays, eating cold foods and other delicious fruits and vegetables. But there are many problems that every living thing faces and the most affected by the extreme weather in your garden. One reason is that it is exposed to the sun all the time of the day.

Problems faced by Tall Fescue Sod in Atlanta in Summer

Summer brings problems for the garden and especially Sod in Atlanta because it is a grass of cooler season. It is not of any concern whether the summer comes in a cooler region or in places where weather is hotter; summer is still at its height. The grass faces many issues during the hot weather.

Drought is the main cause

The summer brings very less to no rain and the areas face the drought situation. When there will be very less irrigation in your garden then you will find brown patches scattered all over the area of the sod. The ultimate of lack of water will result in withering of the grass and eventually, it will become dead.

It is the dormant period

Basically, the summer season is the dormant period for this sod. There can be many bad situations that can develop in this time period. The sod doesn’t receive the moisture which is recommended during the summer.

Insects attacking

When the sod is not watered properly and chemicals are not applied; the grass is attacked by many types of insects. The invertebrates that attack the sod in the summer are Cranberry Girdler, White Grubs, Amy Worms, Sod Webworm and Chinch Bug. They either eat the leaves or damage the roots of the sod.

No Proper Maintenance

When sod is installed in the lawn; you receive proper instructions about the maintenance of the grass. People make a big mistake of not caring for the grass during the dormant period or in this case summer. The Tall Fescue is a grass that can handle injury well but care must be given if you want the sod to recovery quickly.

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Different diseases of the Lawn

The fungus is the main reason for various diseases of the grass and it can increase in the hot summer seasons. It is called Fescue toxicity when fungus grows within the grass. Another reason for the development of the disease is that increased level of salt in the soil.  

Brilliant Strategies for keeping Sod Green

As you all know that Tall Fescue is a grass of the winter and it remains green in the winter but it becomes challenging to maintain the lush color in the summer. So when you buy sod from Atlanta Sod Farms; you learn to take care of it. The summer creates brown patches on the grass which can be changed into the lush green with the follow brilliant strategies.

Inspection of the Forecast

A regular check on the forecast of the weather is necessary. The maintenance plan has to be designed according to the daily temperature. When the temperature is very hot then you have restricted some of the activities on the sod. All of the maintenance must be scheduled according to the condition of the day.

Water during the early day

It is best that you water the sod is either in the early hours of the day or very late in the evening. If you water in the noon then all of the water will evaporate and your grass will not get the moisture it needs; so choose the time either between 5 am and 9 am or 3 pm and 5 pm.

Don’t mow during extreme temperature

It is very dangerous for the grass leaves to be mowed in the extremely hot weather. If it is really necessary and mowing can’t be avoided then you should water the grass and then apply the mow. Another thing to note is to check the blades of the mower. If the blades are blunt then it can be a severe problem.

Fertilizing the Soil

During the growing period of the sod, fertilizer is important but many people keep on putting it in summer. The chemicals in the fertilizers can burn in the extreme sun and damage the grass; eventually turning it brown.

Have watering schedule

In the hot days if the summer you have to keep the sod hydrated on a daily basis. You can set the time of watering in the water irrigation system that you choose. You can avoid many problems if you keep the sod well hydrated in the hot summer season.

Cutting sod when the height is right

If you keep the height of the grass to a well 4 inches then you can have many benefits. One is that the long leaves provide shade to the base; keeping it cool. Shorter length can also damage the base of the sod that can weaken the roots.

Clear Pet’s Waste

If you had any other variety of sod in your garden then could have left the poop of your pet as it is but Tall Fescue Sod in Atlanta can’t tolerate the waste as it has nitrogen in it and the excess amount can damage the grass. Picking up the waste is the best way to save your lawn.


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