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Franklin I. Ogele

Legal advisors also called legal consultants are professionals providing legal guidance to various businesses and individual clients. They usually have a degree and training in law, these professionals are often specialized in specific areas of law like real estate, finance law, business law, or foreign affairs.

They spend most of the time in office, meeting, and clients, some may have to travel to the client’s location to provide advice. This field provides a great source of income but may ask for additional work on weekends and evenings to keep with the demands of clients. They are mostly referred to as “in-house lawyers” or “corporate counselors” as they work for a specific client.

Franklin I. Ogele, is working in this industry for the last 25 years, will share his views about the duties, responsibilities, and skills of a legal advisor:

  • Duties and Responsibilities:

To successfully deliver the client’s requirement, the advisor must-have skills to complete the following tasks: 

  • Draft and Negotiate Contracts:

A legal advisor is responsible for arranging terms for various types of contract consultation contracts and collaboration agreements. Also, they must review the existing contracts and create new documents. Franklin Ogele can help you to easily understand all the responsibilities in a good manner.

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  • Ensure Compliance with Corporate Laws

Legal advisors must be aware of corporate laws and make sure that processes and practice of organization must comply with the federal and state govt rules.

We can say one important trait a legal advisor must acquire is to understand the legal regulations and specific process of the industry they are working in.

  • Provide Counsel for Employee and Management Conflicts

An advisor must be well versed with the laws related to labour dispute, sexual harassment incidence, or other employee’s issues, as they may have to face such issues as well.

They must be able to collaborate with other departments and new people to review conflict and provide an optimal solution.

  • Legal Advisor Skills:

A successful lawyer generally possesses qualities like strong verbal and communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and organizational skill. Consult with Franklin Ogele to get the valuable legal advice.

Negotiation, goal-setting, time management, and deadlines are some other areas where s legal advisor must excel. Providing working with so many people the professional must be a strong team player with above-average leadership skills. An advisor who can work without supervision will turn out to be the best one. Apart from these basic skills there are few must-have skills for legal advisors:

  • Core Skills:

Based on the information from various sources and job listings the core skills legal advisors must have to be successful are:

  • Review and Create new documents for contracts or agreements.
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Analyze company policy to adhere to laws and policies.
  • Knowledge of employment laws to resolve the conflicts within staff or organization 
  • Advanced Skills:

While most of the organization won’t look for such advanced skills, some companies still clearly mentioned them as required skills:

  • Strong understanding of financial practices, concepts, and laws
  • Knowledge of software like ms word, me excel, and Acrobat reader.


Being a legal advisor is a complex and challenging profession, yet it’s among the list of highest-paying jobs. If you are looking forward to a career in the legal consultancy field do consult with Franklin I. Ogele, he is a veteran holding a strong experience of 25 years in corporate securities, and securities industry regulation.


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