Current Challenges of Airport Operations by Mauricio Siciliano ICAO

Current Challenges of Airport Operations by Mauricio Siciliano ICAO 4

As the GDP of the economies are increasing every year, so is the Air traffic. Every year, Airports are witnessing an increase in Air passengers at a quite fast pace. The Air sector is booming not only in the developed nations but in the developing ones also. The increase in Air travellers is also posing challenges to overall Airport Operations. It is always challenging to meet the demand of the ever increasing traffic.

In order to tackle the Airport operations in the new era, Mauricio Siciliano ICAO shares new venues, procedures, mitigations and new rules. There are many challenges of airport management that need a facelift in different departments. We will take each and every challenge of today’s Airport operations one by one:


It is the top most priority of every airline, airport and passenger. It should not be compromised even if the rush is increasing at an alarming rate. There are many incidents that have happened in the past where loss of life and things have witnessed. Well, we have to rely on capable and training human resources and new technologies which make it possible to scan any amount of passengers at fast speed, with the understanding that use of technologies should not compromise security standards. So, we have to adapt the new technologies like advanced scanners, ePassport kiosks, biometric scanner, etc.


There are multiple views regarding automation at airports. The first one says that automation needs to be done at every level. In order to surpass the huge crowds in the airports, authorities have automated some of the services. Despite these advancements enhanced human intervention is still needed at several intervals.

In the end, automation should be done but at some levels but under some surveillance.


We all know that aviation companies earn the most from the cargo shipments. It is a challenging part of airports to land and lifts cargo in tons on daily basis. Every airport is quite busy handling the passengers but limited resources are assigned for cargo shipments. In order to facilitate the industries, businesses we should embrace new policies and standards. It will help businesses to build trust that their shipments will be delivered on time and safely.


It is another challenge that the airport has to face. The never-ending traffic is increasing day by day. ICAO is responding to this need by regulating and safely reducing the vertical and horizontal space between aircraft and identifying new air routes.

We at Mauricio Siciliano ICAO can assist your government address these issues by analyzing and developing new formulas and solutions to be implemented, aiming at reducing costs and enhanceair transport and air efficiencies.


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