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Delhi Darbar

India, a land of traditions, cultures, religions, and faiths, has a huge diversity in its dishes. Where in one part of India you would find idli sambhar and dosa on the second side you would find the Dahi Bahla and chats and on the third side, you find the Hyderabadi biryani and somewhere the kawa and somewhere the Wada paw. India is a country of dishes and tasty cuisines. You would experience a wide variety of taste in its every corner.  A variety of dishes are from veg to non-veg depending on your preferences. The rich culture of bowing before the food express the gratitude towards the food is one of the specialties of India.

No need to worry about the taste of India we at the Delhi darbar provide all the range of Indian food and dishes for you to experience the taste of India.

There are numerous food items available at Delhi Darbar ranging from mango chutney, mint chutney to Hyderabadi biryani to paneer tikka. Make a visit and experience the taste of India.

Here are some of the prominent dishes of India.

  • Vegetable samosa:-

Vegetable samosa is a cone-shaped snack of India which contains stuffed material coated with maida(fine wheat flour). This snack is the dish of eastern parts of India like West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand. This is a popular evening snack.

  • Chicken tikka masala:-

People with non-veg taste can have a delicious choice of grilled chicken with a creamy curry. This creamy curry is made up of onions, yogurt, chili, garlic, ginger paste with chicken grilled and dipped into it. This dish is served with tomato and yogurt sauce mixed with spices and garam masala. The chicken is marinated overnight then grilled and then cooked in the smoky curry. This is often served with basmati rice or buttered nan.

  •  Chole Bathure:-

Chole Bathure is a north Indian dish. Chole is made in a curry of onions, tomato, spice, and chole are boiled and rinsed and then cooked with the curry. 

While Kulche is prepared from maida mixed with oil and water. Later it is fried in the oil.

  • Palak paneer:-

One of the most famous dishes prepared by paneer is palak paneer. It is the most demanding dish made in an best Indian restaurant. Palak paneer is prepared from the spinach and paneer with spices. This is a flavored dish where paneer is fried and then cooked with the curry made of spinach, spices. 

This is often served with butter nan or Tawa roti.

  • Hydrabadi biryani:-

Hydrabadi biryani is a dish of south Indian dish. This is a non-veg dish made of chicken or mutton with the biryani rice. This dish prepared by fry the chicken then the rice is boiled and then added with saffron. Later the chicken is gravied and served together.

This was a small list of Indian dishes you can enjoy the taste at an Indian restaurant. We at Delhi Darbar, Tenerife serve you the best dish of India. You may visit us to enjoy the rich culture and wide taste of India. You can even enjoy these delicious dishes from the comfort of your home just order it online from our website. Home Delivery is also available for you.


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