Derek A. Candelore|Self Motivation Being Your Own Fitness Trainer


Many of you heard about the statement- Be your own hero!

But how many of you actually believe in it? I guess very few.

Well, for every fitness beginner, it is not always necessary to find a fitness trainer. You already hold great power within to reshape your health and reach fitness goals. These days everyone goes through a super busy schedule and hence it becomes quite tough to spare some time to rush to the gym. 

That’s why instead of running to the fitness centers and gym, you can start the workout at your only place. 

Doesn’t this sound good! However, to sincerely follow the routine workout, you need to take a look at the below tips:

  • No Place for Excuses

Make yourself responsible to never ever let the excuses interrupt your fitness routine. Being your own trainer, the very first rule is to stay disciplined and dedicated. As  Derek A. Candelore guides: Transform your excuses into commitments and get the amazing results soon.

  • Speed up by the Route of Fun

Well, you obviously need some time to make yourself more engaged and energetic for the workout. But it doesn’t mean you take a long time for this one. 

  • Don’t be Lazy.

It’s necessary to boost your stamina to increase the workout time and speed as well.  You can go with innovative ideas such as play workout songs, motivational videos, etc to make the workout more lively and enjoyable.

  • Keep a Track Record 

Nothing is more encouraging than keeping a fair record of your daily work progress. Try to place your progress record on the front wall of the workplace. On seeing it daily, you surely feel to do it more and more.

 Besides this, you can download the fitness apps also to maintain the fitness record and to get tips from virtual trainers.

  • Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

 A healthy and nutritious diet helps you to complete the journey of workout. It is well said by Derek Candelore – Half of the workout stamina depends on your daily diet. As a self -trainer, you need to strictly follow the diet plans to improve the workouts. Remember, a protein-rich diet not only builds your muscles but also boosts your stamina to give the best during exercising.

  • Celebrate Every Little Progress

Yes, reward yourself. To make yourself more motivated it’s best to celebrate. You need to analyze the record of the workout and pat yourself for every progress you make.

  • Wrapping it Up

It’s straight and simple: Your body is like a great companion if you maintain it well. No doubt it takes time and your hard work but the profit is all yours. Therefore, to build a healthy body you have to take a route of workout.

However, along with the workout session you need to keep an eye on your limit because nothing is good beyond that. Do not push yourself too much until you do not get the feel from within. Build yourself strong enough to reach fitness goals. Derek Candelore says: A self-trainer is one who maintains a proper balance between mental and physical health.


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