Do’s & Don’t for Social Media Security by

Do’s and Don’t for Social Media Security by

In today’s world, privacy and identified theft is the main issues in social media concerns. Most of the people who post their personal information on their social media’s account, they don’t recognize the potential consequences of their actions.

Well, we can’t stop these problems and threats but, we could avoid or prevent it to happen. These Social media platforms bring along with them advantages where we could greatly benefit from it and also disadvantages.

Here are some must Do’s and Don’ts before, while and after we are using any Social Media platforms share by the

  • Do promote- Promote your products or services to prospect consumers/clients. Post only relevant photos, captions, details and company’s general information with great care.
  • Do not give away too much info’s- Only relevant information shall be given to your audiences. Do not give unnecessary details about yourself or your company.
Do’s and Don’t for Social Media Security by 1

  • Do edit your privacy settings- There are hundreds of different Social media platforms and each of them provides a Privacy Settings that could be the first and foremost step in securing you or your company’s privacy. Change/edit it to what your business needs suits best.
  • Do not forget to check- As you logged in (especially when using a public computer) or better yet, always check the logging in details first. Uncheck unnecessary box/boxes that you don’t really need. Ex. Uncheck the box that says, “Keep me logged in”.
  • Do keep your username/passwords secured- What are the purpose of making a username and passwords if you don`t keep it safe? Never give these details away to anybody. Especially if you are requested to such action over email.
  • Do not underestimate discipline- Discipline is also a vital guide to each one of us. If possible, don’t visit and logged in on suspected and unsecured sites. Actually, being well disciplined and control over unnecessary actions would surely guide you in avoiding mistakes that could lead to you or your company’s downfall.
  • Do invest on securing your sites- There are different security and verification certificates. Trust seals from Trust Seal, Trust Guard etc. Spending money on these tools is also satisfying and gives greater security.

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