Eco-Friendly Technologies Makes our Environment Healthy | Dwight Smith On Tray Media


These Technologies are those technologies that are used in our daily life and these are good for our environment and not create any kind of pollution.

Mainly purpose of Eco friendly technology is reusing the products which affect our environment. It is also effect on our global warming which is one of the biggest problems on the earth.

Eco-Friendly Technologies Makes our Environment Healthy | Dwight Smith On Tray Media

These are the some points that help to save earth and Eco-friendly:

  •  Plant Trees: trees are first and foremost thing which is making balance in our planet. Trees are generating oxygen and take Carbon dioxide that is really help to live us on this planet.
  • Conserve Water: water is second big problem on the earth only 2 percent water is available for drinking. So it is very important to save it and trees are also save the water and in the cases  of flood it control the flow of water and we can reuse and collect the rain water with these new and advanced technology.
  • Change Your Travel Habits: Now a day we all people used the vehicle to go anywhere. And all these things create pollution so we have to think about it .If it is possible then we have prefer walk to go near and this thing is also help to fit our body but now new technologies with the help of eco friendly environment new electrical vehicle are come which is does not  create pollution.
  • Use less Fossil Fuel Based Products: If we use nature and fossil fuel based products then it is cheaper than other products which we used and also it is environment friendly.
  • Reduce Use of Harmful Chemicals: Harmful chemicals which we used and after use we through those things is very harmful and it create earth and water and also air pollution so we have to take action to reuse these chemicals and control it.
  •  Composting: Composting is process where we put all waste things in a pitfall and after restoring we uses important gasses and after that waste material we used to fertilize our land and field. It gives us double benefits.

At last I want to introduce you with one or common factor which is almost free from our nature and totally pollution free and also eco friendly. That is solar energy. We can also use it.

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