Essential Real Estate Investing Tips by Shateira Marketa Childress


Getting started with any business or line of work has its tips. While it is true that however hard one must try, one can’t help making some mistakes but it is always advisable to learn from the mistakes of the people who have come before us and penned down their experiences in the form of some do’s or don’t s. Hence, some of the tips may come from the readings of experienced professionals such as Shateira Marketa Childress and others but one thing is for sure that all of them agree to the usefulness of the points that you will explore through this reading. Today, I have the privilege to share a bit about what I know after following, reading expert industry professionals and actively investing in real estate business.

I would like to suggest every potential investor go through the following points to make their journey less bumpy, if not completely smooth.

Knowing Your Market Well

Knowing your market is perhaps the first thing that you must have in your mind if you want to make better profits. It is no doubt that successful investors are the ones who can picture the outcome of their investments not based on fancy imaginations but well-defined market trends. While it is true that real estate is a volatile market and there are some uncertainties that you have to deal with through the process of money-making but investing against the market trends is a sure way of losing your hard-earned money. Hence, knowing your market well, creating buyer(s) persona and then implementing strategies according to those trends and buyer(s) persona are the major things that make successful investors successful. This is why real estate investing leaders such as Marketa and others stress the importance of trading as per market trends. 


We as humans are nothing without fellow beings. It is indeed true that when it comes to real estate business networking with different investors does play an important role. Using different social media platforms is a must to make your online presence and inform people what you have to offer them. You must post the pictures of the latest investments that you made in recent years with transparent and trustworthy information about your proud clients.

Learning Negotiation Skills

In a world of business nothing works like learning negotiation skills but if you are new in it and were not able to negotiate well in your previous deals then don’t shoot yourself in the foot by thinking too much about it. Read more about negotiating skills. If you are not able to make them agree to the price first then better negotiate with terms and conditions of the deal.

Encouraging referrals

If you have closed some amazing deals recently then you must encourage referrals from your satisfied clients because the reputation of the business and the word of mouth of the happy clients do help you keep in the business for very long.

Conclusion: Getting started with any business or line of work has its tips. These tips are must to be followed by every Real Estate Investor to make profits. Some of these tips include knowing the market well, networking, learning negotiation skills and encouraging referrals from your satisfied clients as stressed by Childress. 


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