Essential Tips for Drawing Portraits with Farouk Abubakar


Start with a simple step that how to draw a portrait. It is just some concepts by which you can create the portraits with the help of pencil. I hope you will find them worthwhile.

Don’t be hyper while you are drawing the portraits it is time taking and have some patience. First start with the observation of something, analyze it and craft it. It will be time taking but you have to be conscious of form, proportion and color. Most importantly understand the light and shadow part. Reveal and define the form of the portraits. Learn the craft techniques for drawn and painted portraits with Farouk Abubakar. Get the essential tips for creating fine art portraits.

These are some point discussed below for those who seriously want to draw better –

1. More and More Practice :-

This is the obvious things that if you do practice of something again and again you will definitely lead the improvement. You don’t get result until you engage in the attempt. The more you draw the more perfection you will have in your work.

2.  Good observation :-

Whether you are drawing a single line or fastidiously draw something, you must be good observer by which you can learn from looking of other’s work. How did they use line and shape? How did they shade?


3. Use photographs :-

Initially use most of the people use photographs, it is easier to create an image which is already 2D than create an actual object, person or environment. When you are portraying with the help of photos deeply look at the edges, shapes and angles. Don’t trace it. Just keep on practicing it. 

5. Draw from Nature :-

For staring not use the complicated objects, pick simple objects and raise up to the complex ones. Try some simple objects like table, chair, living spaces and other accessories. Later on start to draw your hand and feet are the most complex parts of your anatomy. If you are able to draw these than you are able to draw anything.

6. Take a Class :-

Class is very crucial for anything whether it is portrait or anything else. A mentor will always correct your weakness. They will help you to understand the portraying very effectively obviously with the experience. Watching others draw is immensely beneficial for building your own observational skills.

7. Be Intentional :-

It is one of the most imperative thing in portraying because if you want to improve at anything, you must love it and decide to do it with good intension. You have to do commitment and give the regular time to your passion for pursue drawing. You will be better if you make habit of it.

You have to understand your need and desire. This will going to support your work and provides a lots of happiness and relaxation. Simply enjoy your portraits.


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