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In a world of online businesses, no one would like to underestimate the power of customers as they are more empowered than ever before because of the different social media platforms available these days. With different social media platforms and online directories available for discovering local businesses, businesses are much easier to find online. Hence, every business is just a click away these days. All this sounds good but there is another side of the coin also that makes the businesses more vulnerable to different threats. One of these threats is no doubt the fear of losing out potential customers because of having a bad online reputation. While no one can deny the importance of constructive criticism, there is no doubt that we do get affected by criticism, whether constructive or destructive. Yes, some take criticisms in their stride and learn from it while most don’t.

By providing better consumer experiences to their customers, some successfully earn the lost reputation and image but in an age of materialism, the chances of competitors getting involved in mudslinging on different online platforms can never be ruled out. Hence, some reviews out there might be a planned move of your competitors to make you out of your business. This is why there is no reason you should not think of removing bad reviews. Some of these reviews may be a Yelp review which is one of the most popular online directories for finding local businesses.

Below are some tips on How to Remove Bad Reviews from Yelp that can help you with removing reviews.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Yelp

Responding To The Unhappy Reviewer

This is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to deal with bad online reviews. Before thinking about removing bad reviews from yelp, you should have a little conversation with yourself. Try to understand the reason for getting bad online reviews. You have to understand that in businesses, you can’t do without reviews because it is the only thing that lets you know about your customer’s experiences. While good reviews encourage you, you should not be disheartened by negative reviews. Leave no stone unturned to know about bad consumer experiences and go out of your way to help them out but if you are sure about you being right on your part, don’t try to prove a point.

Reporting The Bad Review On Yelp

If you find any review suspicious, you must report it on Yelp. There are some grounds for getting rid of negative Yelp reviews. Some of these grounds are as follows:

  • When the business review is not from the perspective of the customer
  • If the reviews seem plagiarized
  • If the reviews are posted on a wrong business page

To report to the bad Yelp review, all you have to do is to go to the review you want to remove and then click the flag icon at the bottom of the review.

Conclusion: In a world of business, online reviews do decide the fate of the businesses. Hence, it is no doubt every company would like to remove bad reviews from Yelp or other online directories. Before thinking about removing them one must consider the idea of responding to unhappy customers. If they seem not genuine one must report them to Yelp.


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