Golden Rules of Travel by Aarti Gurung HongKong

Aarti Gurung HongKong

Traveling is one of the best moments of our lives. We explore the world through traveling and get to see new things a people. And it teaches us new things about different places and people. Life is really beautiful you can make it more beautiful by traveling and exploring the world.

There are hundreds of beautiful places in this world you can travel to and learn new things and cultures and most importantly live the best moments of your life.
Once the Legend Jackie Chan Said- “Travel because money will come, but your time will not.”

Hi, I am Aarti Gurung HongKong and I love to travel and explore the world and today I am going to share with you the modern rules of travel.

1 Always Try Something New

Traveling is not always about going to the same place again and again or going to the place where you feel comfortable going, but you should always try something new and go to such places where to you learn something new, see something new, adopt something new. After all, traveling is all about exploring the world and trying something new.

2 Explore on Your Own

It would be very amazing if you explore the world on your own rather than looking for a partner or any sort of help when you explore on your own you feel that adrenaline rush in your body that gives you the joy and excitement to explore more and more. Once you start to get joy and happiness it encourages you to try more new things in life.

3 Take Action and Then Plan

Travelling is one of those things in human life where they most of the time plan for travel but never go for it. Planning is really great but it doesn’t work nicely in travel. So you should always take action first and then plan for it. This way your plan will never get canceled and you will be able to travel.

4 Make Connections

You should build the connections and trust everywhere you go. This will help you feel more comfortable in that particular place. It’s always nice to meet new people and make connections because this way you can get to know more about their religion, thoughts, culture, etc. Most importantly it makes you feel home.

5 Take Risk

You will never enjoy your travel until you take the risk. Not everyone has the courage to explore and try new things but you should always do. For example, you can things that scares you like you can bungee jumping if you are scared of it. You should not only travel just to explore the world but you should also travel to explore yourself as well. This way you can learn many things about yourself and hence self-actualization can be done through traveling.

I hope you like these amazing golden rules of traveling and I hope that you will use these tips in your life as well. So that you can enjoy your each travel fully. This is me Aarti Gurung HongKong Wish you a very best of luck for your next trip.


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