Helicopter Pilot Training Programs- Ellen Corkrum


Getting started with helicopter flying may be easier than you think if you happen to choose one of the best training and aviation schools. These are the ones that offer the best training programs with experienced faculty members. While it is true that commercial helicopter flying is a serious business as you are entrusted with the responsibility of the lives of the people flying off with you but with the right pilot training programs you will start feeling confident about yourself melting away your all self-doubts. Moreover, if you don’t want to be a ‘commercial pilot’ then you can earn a private pilot certificate to fly solo having fun. “You must have the right certifications and training before you can make a living out of helicopter flying programs be it Commercial or Private,” says Ellen Corkrum, the experienced commercial pilot.


Before you could choose any of the below-mentioned courses, you do need to have at least post-secondary education. Having an aviation degree may mean an easy enrollment in the below-mentioned courses as you must know a thing or two about airplanes. If you don’t have an aviation degree then a degree in aeronautically engineering, mathematics or physics may also serve the purpose. You must be at least 18 years old before you can get yourself enrolled in certifications and pilot training programs besides having an FAA medical certificate. Doing your research and getting recommendations from the successful pilots is sure to help you avoid losing your money because the quality of training does depend a lot on aviation school chosen explains Corkrum.

Every good aviation institute offers the following programs that you must enroll yourself in depending upon your interests and likings.

1) Private Pilot certificate

This certification allows you to experience the adventure of flying a helicopter and boosting your skills. The Private Pilot certificate is unlike commercial helicopter pilot certification where you are supposed to take charge of the smooth traveling of the passengers. If you have successfully got a private pilot certificate then you can end up flying as a private pilot for the big entrepreneurs. During this period you will be able to get to know about the basics of the flying. After learning basic maneuvers and having hands-on, you will be able to fly solo. It also includes the requirement of getting to know the terminologies associated with the flying. Hence, practical exams are an important aspect of certifications.

2) Commercial Pilot Certificate

With a commercial pilot license, you get a legal right to fly commercially. Hence, with this certification, you are entrusted by authority of law for the smooth and safe journey of the passengers. Now besides getting paid for your services, you have the qualification and opportunity to fly almost every kind of civilian helicopter. Up till this time, you must have already learned all the advanced maneuvers.

3) Certificated Flight Instructor

With Flight Instructor Certificate you have the authorization to give training and teach others about flying. This certification is one of the most sought after certifications as it increases your chances of getting employed in various aviation schools. This Flight Instructor certificate allows you to give endorsements required for a private or commercial pilot certificate.

Conclusion: Getting started with commercial helicopter flying does not come easily unless you choose the best aviation schools and pilot training programs. Before setting out for a helicopter pilot, you must be aware of the pre-requisites and certifications needed to become one. Some of the pre-requisites include a college degree and an FAA medical certificate. You must be at least 18 years before you could pick any of the courses. There are different certifications available in various training institutes such as private, commercial, and flight instructor certifications and the quality of the training does depend a lot on aviation school chosen explains Ellen Corkrum Liberia.


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