Hercules Pappas – CEO and Founder of Hercules Law Group

Hercules Pappas - CEO and Founder of Hercules Law Group

Experienced & Trusted Representation

Hercules Pappas is the Hercules Law Group based in New Jersey, USA. He is an experienced, talented, and committed professionals with knowledge and specialization across a full spectrum of laws. Before moving out on his own, he practiced in the most respected and oldest continuing firms. He represents businesses to business owners and other individuals in all matters of business and tax law.

He aggressively resolves business disputes, and protects his client’s interests through assertive demand letters, and reduce or resolve tax liabilities and audits. He also provides Sophisticated Tax and Credit Solutions for all business matters.

He provides competent real estate advice as his clients expand. He protects their rational property rights through non-disclosure agreements, and by preparing and filing applications for trademarks. He aggressively addresses and resolves employee issues, including non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. He also provides advice on hiring and terminating employees, and preventing or defending unemployment claims.

Hercules Pappas - CEO and Founder of Hercules Law Group

Hercules Pappas focuses on technology company representation and international transactions. He describes both companies and investors in investment rounds and stock sales. He has worked on deals ranging from small angel investments to representing a private property firm.

There are Many Ways to Create More Client Value in Transactional Legal Services.

  • Business, Corporate, and Partnership Disputes
  • Business Law
  • Collections
  • Contract Negotiation and Disputes
  • Employment and Labor
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Commercial and Business litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real estate litigation
  • Appeals

What makes us Different?

Our constant efforts to remain a positive difference to our clients as a high-quality legal services provider.

  • We maintain very high ethical norms
  • We understand client requirements before initiating work
  • We regularly remain in touch with clients and answer in a timely manner
  • We believe in long-term relationships with clients and are adaptable to create fee structures suitable to client expectations
  • We provide a one-firm knowledge to clients while working with our different departments and network offices
  • We maintain a friendly work atmosphere, hire, engage a highly-quality and happy team of professionals
  • We provide opportunities for sustainable professional and personal growth to the team and deserving appreciation for the performance

Our Vision.

Our vision is to provide first-rate representation while maximizing client value. By focusing our practice on Physicians, and entrepreneurs we have developed a tailored approach to meeting the needs of our clientele with our specialized knowledge of their businesses. This focus leads to raised efficiency that changes directly into value for you, the client.

Hercules Pappas is a true business lawyer, and loves to play a role in all regards of a business’s lifespan, from an initial organization, securing financing, adding employees, managing growth and development, and, when required, winding down and dissolution.

Conclusion of Law and Legal Definition

The role of lawyers in society is of great importance. They being part of the system of delivering justice holds great honor and respect in society. A Lawyer, as an officer of the Court, also has the responsibility to provide services of sound quality. It is the duty of an advocate to uphold the dignity and decorum of the Court, and ensure that at no point in time, he oversteps the limits of propriety.


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