Here Is The Best Guide For Echo Error 61103103


Can you believe a device that can hear your voice, follow the commands, have majestic features, know almost everything, play songs of any language, play hymns, news, give information, tell the weather, humidity,  or so many things to provide within a few seconds?

There is a marvelous device available that is one of the trusted, well-known, recommended, and the best device ever. Yes, we are considering the Echo. Do you also have an Echo device? Great, hopefully, you also enjoy the Echo.

What happens is it Alexa Echo error 61103103 which is cracking your fun with the Echo? After this error you will for sure get worried for your device, right? But now, you can relax. Now you are at the safe site.

This article will provide you the best solutions to deal with your problem easily. Here is the best guide for Echo error 61103103. You will very soon get free from this error.

Fixing This Error Is A Tough Task?

Being very honest with you, we would like to clear you that there is nothing hard in resolving Amazon

Alexa Echo Error Code 61103103. It is quite an easy and simple task to cope up with this error. Luckily, you can resolve this error on your own.

Are you thinking how is it possible to overcome this error on our own? It is simply possible by properly following the below stated fully informative article.

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All you have to do is to follow the steps properly step by step. Make sure to not skip any of the steps to overcome this issue quickly.

So, are you ready? Great, just have a look below!

How To Fix Amazon Echo Error Code 61103103 Easily

Now we will share some easy and simple steps with you to fix the Amazon Echo Error Code 61103103. Just be confident. So, without wasting more time just have a look at the useful steps.

Reconnect The Network

So, firstly you just have to reconnect the network. If you know the procedure of reconnecting then just do it. Those users who don’t know about it can follow the points written below… Make sure you have the Alexa app on your mobile phone. If you do not have it then first just download it.

  1. Kindly open the Alexa App.
  2. Now, select the Devices option there.
  3. After that click on the Echo & Alexa option.
  4. Again select your device.
  5. Then, select change next to the wifi network option and follow the instructions in the app.

And there you go. After following the instructions you will be finished with the reconnect process.

Check The Password

Have you entered a correct password? Most of the users made mistakes in entering the password. Maybe you are also one of them.

The reason behind the Amazon Echo error code 61103103 is a wrong password. Make sure to enter the correct password.

Also, check the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys, maybe they are turned on because of which your password is getting wrong. So, kindly turn it off and type the password again.

Check The Barriers

Barriers can also be a valid reason causing Error 61103103 on Alexa Echo. So, just remove the obstacles between your device and the router. Barriers can be an almirah, walls, even a person, simply all that things across your device and the wifi router.

Connected With Many Devices

If your wifi router is connected with many more devices too then you are going to face slow network issues for obvious.

If the other devices are also connected with the router that you are using then kindly disconnect all of them.

Reboot Both The Devices

Sometimes there would be some internal issues that cause errors to you while running the device. To overcome the internal issues reboot your Alexa and the wifi router.

How To Reboot The Alexa

  • Just press and hold the Reset button.
  • Then wait for the light ring turns orange on your Echo device,
  • And after that wait for blue light which indicates the Echo is in the reset process.
  • After that wait for the light ring to turn off completely and then come on again.

How To Reboot The WiFi Router

  • Firstly just disconnect the power cord from the router
  • Remove the batteries. {if your router has then}.
  • Turn the button off. {If your router has an on-off reset button}.
  • Okay, so after that wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds, and then insert the batteries and turn on the button or reconnect power to the router.
  • After that wait a few minutes to let the router power-up.

And there you go, we hope you will now definitely get out from the Alexa Echo error 61103103, right? Great, this is exactly what we want.

Now, you can carry on enjoying your Echo device. If still, you need assistance then visit Alexa Helpline. We hope this article helps you a lot. Thank you for giving us your time.


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