Hot Stone Massage Alleviate Tense Muscles and Anxiety

Hot Stone Massage Alleviate Tense Muscles and Anxiety

A hot stone massage is a pertinent massage therapy among numerous therapies available and carried out from ancient time to ease tense muscles and to repair damaged tissue in the human body. This therapy wallows with the use of flat stones that are placed on the specific area on your body in specific alignment. Islam Ibrahim a specialist in the field suggests placing stones on the following parts.
• On Your Stomach
• On Your Palm
• On Your Face
• On Your Chest
• Along Your Spine
• On Toes and Feet

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

1) Lessen Anxiety and Stress : It is proven through many scientific studies that massage therapies are effective in reduction of stress and anxiety. You would be surprised to know that 10 minutes of hot massage improvise cardiovascular health and results in proper functioning of your heart which improvise your overall body functioning and keeps it in prior working order.

2) Relieve Pain and Tension : Heat increases blood flow in your body and relieve muscle pain by increasing motion of flow inside your arteries and veins and prevent formation of clots and keeps you safe against numerous vascular diseases. Not everybody is comfortable with hot stone massage if you are one of them going for cold massage could be equally effective or beneficial for you.

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

3) Promotes Quality Sleep : Hot stone massage could be a best option to replace sleeping pills and it could be an amazing relief for the patients suffering from insomnia. Islam says just 15 minutes from your working schedule assists promotion of sleep in you and eliminate risk of arising sleeping problems in you. Apart from this lack of quality sleep is the major cause behind stress and anxiety hot massage is amongst the readily available solution to step in the healthy and happy life.

4) Makes Your Immune System Strong : Hot stone massage shows a reduction in arginine-vasopressin a hormone responsible for keeping nail on blood pressure and retain water inside your body. This therapy has an acute and positive effect on immune system to keep it strong against numerous diseases and health issues. Many physicians and medical experts consider a 20 minute of hot massage is enough to keep your immune system at pertinent working conditions.

Best Benefits Fitness And Exercise

Hot stone massage acts as panacea for health problems like stress, anxiety, muscle pain and more. If you are looking forward to give it a try go with experienced and trained massage therapist. Our therapists at Essence Medspa + Wellness Center are highly professional and keen eye of Islam Ibrahim makes it more convenient for hot massage therapy.


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