It is pretty obvious from the headline what is it all about but definitely more exciting and thrilling than you have expected it to be. I have always been a fan of camping and fortunately got a chance to do it at the desert safari Dubai that too overnight.

Desert safari Dubai, yes you are reading it correct what a phenomenal experience for a lifetime. Many of us have craved for the alone time beneath the sparkling stars and the glorious full moon. Some might have this opportunity with their partners, on the contrary, some would imagine and then, of course, wish to get this beautiful opportunity with their partners to be. Haha!

Well, you wouldn’t regret to spend overnight at the desert safari Dubai since you will get a heck of activities to observe. Overnight camping at desert safari Dubai is the extended version of the evening desert safari Dubai. This clearly explains a lot more to offer and a lot more adventure. Once you get into the camp, plenty of experiences are waiting for you! Your bumpyfour wheeler ride starts and then you get your hands on driving only if you are well aware of the steep dunes otherwise there are professional drivers who would take you along the Al Awir road basically through the desert. Desert safari Dubai is all about the traditional Arab taste in every aspect. Dune bashing is some next level experience which is a must-have, desert safari Dubai is definitely incomplete without it. Well, dune driving is something which is optional, it is preferable for families who have infants and would want it all safe in the car or the van. Of course, the tranquil and ravishing sunset is not to be missed, you would want to click thousands of pictures of the red and frosty sunset and still not get enough of it. 

Desert safari Dubai has everything to do with the camels since they are the significant sign of the cultural heritage and one would want to get a ride on the classical yet the unfamiliar camel all over the stretched outskirts of the Arabian desert.

Correct me if I am wrong that every person out there has tried to dance with their fat stomachs calling it an unsatisfied attempt of belly dance haha! You would get a chance to watch it live at the desert safari Dubai and groove along whether it is perfect or not until you’re enjoying it to the fullest.

More activities line up some of them include henna painting and designs, Hubble bubble in other words sheesha with your friends at night with a fabulous barbeque dinner, Arabic gahwa, getting a chance to click pictures in the traditional costumes, watching the fire show and tanoura dance with several dances and oh my God the list doesn’t end but my hands get tired.

At desert safari Dubai keep yourself updated with the blankets and some warm layered clothing because the cold breeze wouldn’t ask you to blow or not. And of course, don’t forget to click pictures of the night and the stars with you in it. Wouldn’t it be amazing, if yes then for further information visit this website; //


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