How Solar Panels Work to Generate Electricity?

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The solar panel generally consists of solar Photovoltaic (PV) Devices usually made of silicon, metal frame, a glass casing,and wires to allow current to flow. Silicon is full of properties that allow it to absorb sunlight and to convert it into electricity.

When sunlight directly interacts with cells, it sets them in motion which initiates a flow of current which is known as “photoelectric effect” in scientific terminologies — the current produced by these moving electrons transferred to the nodes wires available. Wires become a medium to move DC(Direct Current) to the inverter where it is converted into AC(Alternate Current) which we use at home and offices.

How Solar Energy Impacts on Small Businesses?

  1. Energy-Cost Reduction  : Business owners are bound to pay thousands of dollars for big energy bills. These bills take up a countable share of your income.  If the energy costs of your business are haunting you in your dreams making your reliance on solar energy can assist you.
  2. Centralized Investment Tax Credit : Installing solar panel is beneficial economically as well as socially because of its environmental impacts and low-cost energy generation apart from this, Govt. aids with incentives and about 30% leverages in tax amounts.
  3. Increased Property Value : Solar panel installation not only benefits you with money-savings, but it increases thefuture value of property in case you intend it to sale.

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