How The Desert Safari Activities Can Be Best Enjoyed

Safari Activities

I guess I will look very stupid if I ask that how many people know about UAE and its attractions. Majority of people is aware about UAE and its attractions. And among these famous attractions Dubai is the state of UAE which is a man center of tourist attractions. Dubai has a lot of beaches, malls, parks, resorts and Deserts to offer. Among the famous deserts of Dubai Desert safari is the desert which is known for its unique and amazing kind of activities and these activities are the reason behind desert safari’s fame.  But what are those unique activities? Let’s talk about those.

First Comes the Quad Biking:
It is the most thrilling activity ne could experience in the desert safari. You will first guided to how to ride it and once you are confident enough to ride it then you will be allowed to go for it.

Dune Bashing:
It is the kind of activity made fir sand dunes only. In this activity you get to experience and ride on the sand dunes at the speed of your choice.

Camel Riding:
Get to ride on the most humble creatures here at desert safari. You get to see the desert with a large angle. This is a kind of ride which can give you the most amount of pleasure and happiness and you get to ride on the sand dunes with a very calm speed.

Sunsets: are the best part desert safari. Experience the most beautiful view when the redness of sand will get emerged with the redness of the sunset. It is the best view one could have here.

Overnight camping at desert safari:
Get an amazing experience of exploring the deserts and the unique activities it has to offer at night under the blanket of millions of shiny stars. Funfact is that overnight safari offers many other fun filled activities which are the reason behind number of tourist attractions of desert safari. These actvites are mentioned below:
Fireshow: is the best activity one can experience at desert safari. The professionals at it performs it excellently with the best services that they can offer.
Belly Dancing: is another best activity here at desert safari. You get to see the most entertaining activity by professional belly dancers. It is the most exciting activity here.
Another one is the henna art which is a bonus activity here at desert safari. Like it is a painless procedure of decorating your hands with the beautiful art.
The palatable dinner is the favorite part of desert safari. Like the taste of this barbecue dinner remains with you for your lifetime.

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