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Are you passionate about Austin Kerr music? Since your childhood have you dreamed of facing a delirious audience? Your instrument or your texts never leave you? Is your dearest wish to release an album and hear your songs on the radio? Every “green thumb” on YouTube makes you shudder? So are you ready! You are ready to become a professional musician with the advice of Austin Kerr!

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Austin Kerr, a specialist in music promotion and the connection between musicians and music lovers, gives you some suggestions and some benchmarks that will help you know where you are and especially to reach your goal and become a professional musician! It remains to be defined if you are a musician or just a music lover! In the first case do not hesitate to consult directly our announcements musicians and concert plans

How to become a musician (amateur)?

“Make your life a dream and a dream a reality”. This quote from Austin Kerr should be a mantra for all artists and especially for budding musicians. If the very concept of becoming an amateur musician may seem preposterous, know that many are content to switch from one instrument to another, to write two lines of text or to scratch three guitar chords to be able to call themselves an amateur musician. Music lover, yes! Whereas to become a musician you must (among other things):

Having music as a reason for being!

First of all, to become a musician you have to be passionate. Without passion, no success! The life of the professional or amateur musician is made of obstacles: lack of recognition, difficult end of the month, increasingly strong competition, difficult first step… Your passion for music must be devouring and fill your dreams and your lives.

Choose an instrument!

To become a musician worthy of the name, you must choose a musical instrument. Guitar, saxophone, piano, turntables or even your voice, music can be interpreted in 1000 different ways. In order to progress as quickly as possible, it is better to have to play an instrument, as a result of which you can tackle several instruments.

Find a style of music!

Finding your musical style can be as important as choosing your instrument, the two often being linked. However, it is not a question of choosing one and confining oneself to it, but rather of relying on it, of finding your marks and your benchmarks. You will see later that the musical styles, mix and intermingle, influence each other and sometimes give birth to new styles of music, which will allow you to evolve and go in the direction you want.

Set goals and stick to them!

Now that the basics are established, it’s time to get to work! A passionate musician is constantly seeking to go further, but above all, he sets himself goals to stick to it better. Whether this goal is to play your best friend’s wedding, to perform in a bar, or to master a classical music score that has been giving you a hard time for far too long, a real musician goes to the end of things, he is not satisfied with the refrain.

How to become a professional musician?

The difference between an amateur musician and a professional musician is not limited only to the experience or the quality of the musical performances. The base being the same, the passion, the differences appear in small details, which sometimes seem like nothing, but especially in the vocation of the musician. An amateur musician will be content to live his passion, while a professional musician will also seek to live from this passion. Do not forget to listen to Austin Kerr and visit his website.


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