How to Get into Hip-Hop Music Production by Producer Solar

Producer Solar

Being humans, we tend to overlook the importance of anyone performing behind the scenes. For example, when it comes to movies actors take all the credits and not the hundreds of people working behind the scenes. Seeing believes is something that we just can’t help believing but sometimes people behind scenes are worth more important than the people appearing on the screens and stealing the show. Like in movies, music does have its fair share of people who may not be getting the screen space but without them, the whole concept of music would reduce to nothing and one such genre is hip hop music where rappers are the ones who are often getting the fame and credit, unlike music producers. “While both can’t work without each other, it is indeed the producers who provide beat which rappers and other artists need to write and perform to”, says leading Producer Solar.

Below are some very useful points and every potential music producer must consider

Learning Your Craft More: Before you set off for it, you must make sure that this is the thing that excites you most as the industry is quite competitive. Hence, it is difficult to break into and get fame for very long unless you are trying very hard. Listening to different rappers and producers such as Solar and others helps you know and understand different styles of music and sounds and also helps you find sounds you love most. 

Learning to Play Different Music Instruments: Being a potential music producer, you are supposed to create an instrumental track, but hip hop demands an understanding of almost all the instruments. Learning piano is particularly usefully besides knowing time signatures, chord progression, music theory, etc.

Putting Your Music Online: The other important step will be putting your music online for feedbacks and increasing your fan base. You can put your music on YouTube or Reedit which is quite popular among music lovers.

Promoting Yourself: Promoting yourself over different social media platforms across the world is something you should never miss on to as having an effective online presence is a must and helps in reaching to music lovers.

Networking with Rappers and Producers: Like any other line of work, hip hop music does demand networking with different co-producers and rappers. Networking with people working in the same line helps you getting along and inspired.

Reaching Rappers: After networking with rappers, don’t mind asking them, if you can produce for them. Similarly, offering your beats online on Reedit helps you find some rappers who may be looking for a beat.

Conclusion: Although rappers attract more attention and fame, it is indeed the Music Producers who provide them beats to which they perform to. Every potential music producer must consider some important tips such as learning their craft more by learning different musical instruments, putting their music online to get some feedback, increasing popularity among music lovers, promoting themselves efficiently and networking with co-producers and rappers.


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