How to Improve Your Chances in Getting Disability Benefits?


Every year millions of people apply for disability benefits, and in reality, 70 percent of these applications will be denied. Also, in this case, the process for the appeal may take years to complete, and this means years of no source of income for you. So, is there any Ways to Improve Your Chances in Getting Disability Benefits where you won’t have to wait for years to get the advantages?

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For this, you need to follow some advice by which you will certainly get some solution to your issue, and it will help you in the future. Thus, here are some tips, for you to understand better.

Discuss Your Plans with Your Doctor

Before you opt for applying for Social Security Disability benefits you must talk with your doctor about whether or not he or she will support your disability claim. Your doctor will also be asked to give a written statement as to the severity of your health condition and whether or not your state prevents you from being able to go to work. If your doctor does not recommend you are disabled or does not perceive the extremity of your condition which impacts on your work-related activities, it can always turn into a denial.

Copies of Your Medical Records

The time you are about to apply for the disability benefits, you need to ensure that you have the copies of your medical records with your first application. It’s always a good idea to get copies yourself so you can make sure nothing important is missing from the records that will be reviewed by the governmental office. If you provide the records with your application, it may also help decrease the time it takes for your claim to get into the processing system.

Cooperate with the Examiner

The concerned department for disability benefits works with millions of disability applicants every year. The examiners who review these claims do not have the time to remain on top of every single applicant they work with. For this reason, you have to cooperate with the examiner who is reviewing your claim to make sure that the application process runs more smoothly. You need to be responsive for all letters or notices that are sent to you.

Status Updates call

You need to ensure that you call the Social SSA on a regular basis to get a recent status update regarding your disability claim and to know about the Social Security Office is not missing any crucial details required for the processing of the claim. In this case, you have to do whatever you can to help them obtain the information they will ask from you.

Hire an Attorney

To make this process easy and get the benefits faster, you can always take the help of an attorney. Who will not let your claim to go into denial, and will help you through the complicated process.

Check these above-mentioned tips, and you will certainly get the disability benefits faster, and take note of hiring an Disability Attorney Las Vegas too.


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