How to Make Serious Money on Amazon – Alex Ryan


Amazon is growing like never before. It has made a remarkable position for itself in various industries and at various levels such as online selling of physical goods and distribution of digital downloadable products such as e-books and streaming movies and T.V shows. It has become a household name by introducing convenient to use devices such as Alexa which is equally useful in professional as well as personal life. “On the business front, it can help you become more productive throughout your day. It also helps you manage your calendar with Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant keeping track of your to-do list and set reminders,” says Ryan, who is an Amazon seller, importer and product finding a coach.

As Amazon is one of the largest growing companies, several people are connecting to it to do business and make more profits than ever before.

Below are some of the money-making ideas having a huge potential to make your business grow with Amazon:

1) Working with Amazon as a Retailer or Wholesaler

As Amazon is one of the leading selling platforms, it is not surprising that using the platform to sell your physical and digital downloadable goods is an amazing idea than to work on your own. “It is one of the few platforms that are useful for any kind of products such as books, clothes, Bluetooth speakers, etc”, as simply put by Alex Ryan who helps beginners find products to sell on the company’s portal.

Hence, using their platform to sell your products could mean an increase in the number of your sales. The one thing that you must be clear before setting out for it is that your products must be of high-quality meeting all the parameters and standards set by the online selling giant.

2) Producing Quality Movies and TV Shows

Amazon has stood out itself from all the competitors particularly in the entertainment industry. It is one of the few companies that come as a guarantee of success especially in entertaining the people either by movies or T.V shows. It is no doubt that the movies that are on Amazon are more likely to be seen by a great number of people because of its easy to use apps and smart technology equipped devices.

3)  Online Selling Of Digital Downloadable Goods On The Company’s Platform

Amazon has started as selling platforms primarily for used books. It has grown to such an extent that it is one of the most trusted platforms for digitally downloadable goods such as e-books and audiobooks. It has contributed a lot by changing the reading habits of the users by introducing Amazon kindle which is user-friendly and readers do find it easy to read on Kindle more than on any other platform. Hence, having your books on the kindle could make many people reading your work.

4) Developing Games for It

It has not left out a single area of entertainment. One such area where Amazon has gained popularity over the years is in the gaming industry. It had announced in the year 2012 that it would be adding a gaming department to its company. It has even intended to acquire leading video streaming websites. Hence, developing games for Amazon is one of the few business ideas that you miss consider.  

Conclusion: Amazon is one of the fastest-growing companies. As its growth is increasing in various industries, many people are considering doing business with it. One of the most profitable business ideas includes working with Amazon as a wholesaler, producing quality movies and T.V shows, online selling of digitally downloadable goods and developing games for it. The before mentioned ideas are effective as it is suggested by none other than Alex.


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