How To Perform Various Types Of Reset On Canon Printer

reset canon printer

There is no technology that never faces any issue and the same is the case with the printers. All the printers tend to experience some issues after some time of usage. There are different ways through which one can fix these printers and one such way is by resetting the canon printer.

If you want to reset canon printer, then you need to run the power cycle, and hard reset the printer. When the Canon printer is reset, you can easily resolve any canon printer error code or any other problem existing between the printer and the computer. 

Resetting the printer means that you are restoring the printer to the factory settings, which is going to give a fresh start to your printer. You can also reset the printer by installing a new cartridge in the printer. 

This is going to reset as well as make sure that the hardware is in perfect working condition. 

Now, there are many manners in which you can reset your printer and make sure that it works fine.

Here are the ways in which you can easily reset the printer:

Power reset in Canon Printer:

Do not directly go to the hard reset and you can start with the power reset so that you can clear all the temporary issues which might be in your printer or between your printer and your computer. 

The first step is to remove the ethernet cord after unplugging the printer from the power. After that, you need to at least wait for a minute and then plug the printer’s power cable in the power outlet. 

This is going to eliminate any issue related to the power strip that may be having the problem in operating. Then, reattach the ethernet cable as well and see whether or not the printer is printing the document or not. 

There have been many cases in which the power reset is going to fix the residing issue in your printer. You can also try and clean your printer’s queue in order to get another fresh start. It may dispose of the issue as well. 

Try and print one document from time to time so that there is no overload on your printer.

Ink-Level reset:

One of the most common issues with the printers nowadays is that the Ink-levels shows an incorrect reading. Sometimes, when you are replacing the dry ink cartridges with the filled one, the ink levels will still show you an empty reading. 

This process is going to interrupt the whole printing issue as the printer is going to think that there is not enough ink in the cartridge. On the contrary, the ink levels must update immediately but sometimes they cannot. 

At this time what you need is a manual ink reset as they are not being updated automatically. On some Canon printer, there is a Resume or stop/reset button which can help reset the Ink levels on the printer. 

If the problem is still existing, then there is the only way left that is called the hard reset. 

Hard reset:

When after everything the printer is still unable to work and carry out its normal functions, then there is only one solution left and that is the hard reset. This is going to reset the printer to the default settings. 

What you need to do to rest canon printer in this scenario is by pressing the stop button and hold it. Hold the button, until an alarm starts to sound. This is going to restore the printer and will erase all the custom settings of the network. 

After doing this, you need to uninstall the printer from your system and then reinstall it to get a fresh start. This process will make you feel like you have installed a new printer with original settings. 

By following this process you can reset your printer in such ways and try to eliminate the problem existing on it. 


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