How to Start a Successful PPC Campaign?


Some people call it search engine marketing, paid search, PPC and SEM whatever you call it but the ultimate goal is to fetch traffic through investing in ads, theory is too straight forward wallows with lots of work that is required to make the campaign super successful. If you want to hire Best PPC Management Company for qualified PPC Services don’t hesitate to make your rely on Dr. Rissy’s Writing a firm working in the field from years.

If this is your first time launching a PPC campaign, continue to learn the most important step to start your campaign in the right way ahead.

How to Use Google Ads for Business?   

  • Choose a Platform for Your PPC Campaign.
  • Choose a type of ad to invest in.
  • Determine your Budget and bidding.
  • Customize your audience, interests, locations and search terms.
  • Organize your campaign into ad groups.
  • Design and identify landing pages.
  • Track your ads’ performance.

Choose a Platform for Your PPC Campaign

When it comes to run PPC campaign the platform it is running on plays a significant role. Although Google Ads is the most popular platform but you would be surprised to know Facebook and Twitter also offers pay-per-click opportunities. You can choose one among the available three platforms.

Choose Type of Ad You want to Invest In  

The above mentioned platforms will give you options to choose the type of ad you want to go with to make your ad campaign successful. Facebook will offer you different options to choose from a single image, a single video and slide show. But with Google You will end up by having following options.

  • Display Ads: These ads could be shown on any platform on Google Eco-system, YouTube, and Gmail and on other domains on Google Networks.
  • Search Ads: These are popularly associated with PPC campaign. A Google search result shows a landing page in hyperlinked form.
  • Video Ads: These Videos most probably run on most popular video platforms such as YouTube.

Determine your Budget and Bidding

Your ad place on Google depends on the payment per click you agree to pay. On Google ads you have to set a day to day budget for your ads.  Most of the platforms have “Auction” system that your audience criteria will cost you. On Google ads Bidding Strategies includes:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) Bidding
  • Cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (cCPM) Bidding.
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) Bidding.
  • Cost-per-view (CPV) Bidding.

Hopefully, all the strategies given in the blog are applied and really assisting to make your PPC campaign super successful. Apart from this if you are questing for professional help make your reach at Dr. Rissy’s Writing, Best PPC Management Company provides quality SEO services.


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