How To Troubleshoot The Issue Of Brother Printer Goes Offline?

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Having an urgent work and you need it to be printed by the best quality Brother printer, but as soon as you give your Printer command it shows Brother Printer Goes Offline”. 

Omg! That’s really mind bursting situation and anyone can get irritated with this. But let us tell you that it’s a very common problem and a number of Brother Printer users have complained about the same. 

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be troubleshooted. In this guide, you will be provided with all the necessary steps so that you can troubleshoot the issue by yourself. 

Printers are so sensitive and a little issue can damage your printer badly. Hence you should be very attentive while using printers. 

Moving further let’s know how to deal with the trouble of Brother Printer Goes Offline

Turn ON Your Brother Printer

Let’s start with the basics, hence before going in further details first check whether the printer is turned ON or not. 

If the printer is switched ON and still the screen of the printer is blank then there are possibilities that the printer is in the sleep mode and needs to wake up. 

Even after waking up the printer from the sleep mode if you find that it is still not turning ON then check if the ink cartridge and if there is any piece of paper that got stuck accidentally inside the printer. 

You have to troubleshoot this issue to turn ON the printer. 

Make Sure That The Printer IS Connected WIth PC

Check if the USB cable is connected well with the computer and the printer. Apart from that, it is necessary to use a good quality of USB cable. Hence if USB cable found of bad quality or damaged then replace it immediately. 

In case you have connected your printer with an ethernet cable to the router then check if that is connecting properly or not. 

In case you are using a wireless connection then it would be better that you verify the IP address from the network configuration page. 

If the issue of Brother Printer Goes Offline is still the same then you can jump to the next troubleshooting method. 

Printer Should Be Set To The Default One

Check whether the Brother Printer is set to the default printer or not. To check the same you have to go to the Printers folder and then check whether it has a checkmark on the icon or not. 

Let’s see the steps to do the same in Windows 8 and above version

  • Press the windows and the R keys together. 
  • You will see a small RUN window in the corner of the screen with a box inside it. 
  • In the Run Box just type “control” and hit the enter key
  • You will see the control panel then. 
  • Click on the “Hardware and Sound” and then select “devices and printers”
  • Then click on the icon of the Brother Printer. 

In Windows 7

  • Just open your computer and click on the start tab
  • Select the “devices and printers”. 
  • Just set the Brother printer as the default printer to resolve the issue of Brother Printer Is Offline. 

From the Printers window remove all the Printers Job

Follow the steps given to remove all the printer’s job

  • Just click on the icon of Brother Printer. 
  • Select “See what is Printing” and then select them all. 
  • Click on “cancel all documents”

Check The Printer Status

Either your status would be paused or offline. In both conditions just follow the points given below so as to solve the trouble of the Brother Printer Offline issue

If the status is offline

  • Right-click on the icon of the Brother’s Printer. 
  • Now, Select “See what is printing, Use Printer Offline and Printer”.
  • In case the “use printer offline” grayed out then select “open as administrator” and then after typing the administrator password just click OK. 

If the Status Is Paused

  • Again, just click on the icon of the Brother Printer and click on “See what’s printing” and then click on “Pause Printing”
  • In case the “pause printing” is grayed out then like before select “open as administrator” and then after typing the administrator password just click OK.

Copy Of Brother Printer Icon

It may be possible that you will see two icons of the brother printer generated at the time when you have changed the USB port of the Brother Printer from your computer system or you have installed the same driver more than once. 

The issue is one of the reasons behind why your printer is not responding accurately. 

If that is the case then you have to click on the which is responding. an

All the steps given in this article are capable to solve the trouble of “Brother Printer Goes Offline”.  Just follow them in the same manner as written above. 


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