Ilan Shatz – What Is Customer Satisfaction & It’s Important


To reach it, it is important to learn how to define the customer relationship, to recognize its importance and to have some avenues to improve it. Small focus on customer satisfaction to make it less obscure and give it its rightful place within companies Ilan Shatz says..!

Define customer satisfaction?

There is no ready-made definition of customer satisfaction as it will depend on many factors. Customer satisfaction is a measure that assesses whether the customer’s concrete experience with a service or product meets their expectations or not. Customer satisfaction can, therefore, be positive or negative. As this measure tends to improve the customer experience and is expected to be positive, it is assumed that the customer is satisfied.

Satisfaction: a pleasant feeling that you receive when you get what you wanted to achieve or achieve.

Be aware that this measure is subjective because the level of quality of a product or service can be high and for all that, the client may not be satisfied with the expectations he has placed on the service. exemption.

It is a bit of a reflection of the customer experience, it is a mixture of concrete elements and emotional charge, located around the customer’s expectations and the response or support proposals made by your company.

Customer satisfaction is unique and unique to the company and its customers. The best definition is, therefore, the definition that you are going to create and that will take into account the expectations of your company in relation to the satisfaction of its customers.

Why is customer satisfaction important?

Customer satisfaction is an essential indicator of the pulse of your business. It allows you to effectively improve your products and services, refine your strategy and plan which investments you should turn to. It is also a great way to build customer loyalty and build a relationship of trust with them.

Customer satisfaction is also a matter of notoriety. The more satisfied your customers are, the more they are inclined to share the positive experience they have had and they will also recommend you more easily. If you took good care of them, why wouldn’t it be the same with their loved ones?

It gives you the opportunity to anticipate and correct your weaknesses. By intervening at the heart of the problems of your customers and their journey, you have the opportunity to optimize the management of customer processes. In other words, you reduce complaints, complaints and the time spent managing or resolving them.

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Customer satisfaction is also an essential means of acquiring and increasing the number of new customers. Even today, it costs less and it is more profitable to retain your customers than to develop means to acquire and convert new targets into customers.
Taking an interest in the satisfaction of your customers also allows you to improve and boost your customer knowledge. This knowledge allows you to know what are the centers of interest of your customers as well as their concerns. It then becomes much easier for you to configure your marketing campaigns.

The strategies for your communication campaigns are easier to define, they also become more effective. Your customer service must be qualified, people must be placed at the heart of your concerns. Your client advisers must be efficient, empathetic and cheerful. Your measures of customer satisfaction must come from different sources and at different times, such as cold and hot reactions, for example.

Customer satisfaction is an investment that finds multiple sources of profitability thereafter. The more you refine it, the more its strategy is focused and effective and the more your investment shines and has repercussions on your whole business.

Ilan Shatz shares that Customer satisfaction stems mainly from your customer relationship, which is why it is essential to take care of it and constantly improve it.


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