Is Coronavirus can cross the placenta & affect the newborns?

WUHAN, March 1, 2020 -- Midwife Wu Dan takes care of Liu Ting's baby at the delivery room of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, March 1, 2020. In the early morning of Feb. 29, volunteer Wang Zhen drove out of his community immediately after receiving a call for help from a pregnant woman who lived 30 kilometers away at another community in Wuhan. Wang took the pregnant woman and her family to the Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, where the woman later safely gave birth to her baby. On Jan. 23, Wang Zhen, a computer programmer, joined a WeChat group named "Wuhan Emergency Team", which also consists of Wang Ziyi, Li Wenjian, Zhu Wei and Yang Xuebin. Their main work is taking pregnant women without access to vehicles to the hospital. With their help, 23 pregnant women have been safely sent to the hospital so far and given birth to their children, with no one contracting the novel coronavirus. Since 23 January, the Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital has mobilized all its 2,500 staff to successfully help more than 1,100 pregnant women deliver their babies. (Photo by Xiao Yijiu/Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu via Getty Images)

According to the new study, it is revealed that the threatening coronavirus can reach the fetus through the placenta. Well, this statement still needs deep research to clear many doubts related to the transmission process of this virus. 

In China, around 33 pregnant women tested positive and out of these all, three gave birth to newborns who were diagnosed with this virus. Now, more evidence is needed to clear the following big questions:

  •  Is the transmission of the virus occurring inside the womb or after birth?
  • What is the level of risk to the baby?
  • Can this virus get through the barrier of the placenta?

However, before this trio research, it was believed that the virus can not pass to the developing baby inside the womb.

Is Coronavirus can cross the placenta & affect the newborns 2

Another case of the newborn diagnosed with coronavirus in Italy, as the mother of the baby also tested positive. But on collecting all the evidence, it is found that there is no virus in the amniotic fluid and placenta. On the other hand, many of the experienced gynaecologists state that the placenta blocks the germs and viruses from reaching the infant till birth.

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So, till the time this big puzzle on coronavirus can not be solved, it is recommended for pregnant women to stay safe from this virus. Make sure you follow every precaution carefully and stay inside as much as possible.

Have a look at the following preventive measures:

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer in case you have no soap and water.
  • Avoid crowded areas.
  • In case of any emergency visit, wear a mask.
  • Take a healthy diet including vitamin C.
  • Consume more and more liquids such as water, homemade juices, etc.
  • Keep all the surfaces of the objects clean.


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