Javier Armijo | What are the Best Ideas For New Learning Experience Designers?


It can be quite challenging to start a new job but there are more difficulties with the work of learning experience designers and instructional designers who are new. They have to learn about the tools and their role in the job and they also have to find out about the company they will serve. It is not easy to design learning experiences and training for different learners. Learning design isn’t only focused on design but it is much more when looked with a broader perspective. You have to think outside the limits of traditional syllabus design so that it can be possible for you to get proper learner experience. You should never focus only on delivering content but you need to create a learning experience for the users. Here are the best ideas for new learning experience learners:

Plan the Content for Learners 

Sometimes LX designers forget that they aren’t doing their work only for money but for learners. Without learners, it can’t be possible to earn at all and that’s why you need to do proper planning of the content. Just like sales professional or product developer, you need to put the customer at first. You have to think like the customers if you want to provide the best learning experience. Most of the population might from remote areas and that’s why content becomes crucial than the attractive themes. 

One doesn’t have to worry much while creating courses but just have to go on according to the plan. If you face any difficulty in creating a better learning experience, then you can take the help of the professional Javier Armijo. You can ask your doubts and queries to gain more information about LX designing. Make sure that you don’t delay creating the content because the learners might be waiting for it with full curiosity. It is always advised to create the entire course at one time but if you can’t, then you can also choose to create a series from time to time. 

Use Technology to Provide Learning 

You must agree to the fact that technology is used to design better learning ideas and you don’t have to create heavy animations to gain an audience. Just with good quality video and audio, it can be possible to make the people learn about any course. Sometimes, users might not even have the network bandwidth or software designed by you and that’s why you need to keep it casual. Trying out new technologies can be cool but it won’t help your learners always. You should always choose the design and technology which doesn’t harm any of your learners. Not everyone owns speakers with computer and that’s why you need to focus on the content of videos rather than improving the technology of it. 

Don’t make it all About Technology

LX designers indeed have to do their task only with the help of technology and they can’t imagine creating anything without technology. There are some aspects due to which technology can also hinder the learning experience. So, LX designers need to understand this fact that they have to ensure a proper balance between technology and learning. Creating compelling courses is important but focusing on quality is also crucial. To design e-learning effectively, one has to think from the view of learners. This can help you to create better content for the learners out there. So, these are the major ideas that will help you to become a professional LX designer. You should also keep reading new books about it to know more about e-learning, design, and a lot more. You can take the help of Javier Armijo if you want to learn more about LX designing ideas.


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