Chronic Venous Insufficiency Facts by Sunil S. Rayan MD FACS

Sunil S. Rayan MD FACS

As arteries are responsible for blood flow from heart to the rest part of the body, in a similar manner veins have responsibility to take blood back to the heart, veins consist one way valve to carry out the task successfully. Vascular specialist Sunil S. Rayan MD FACS says, malfunctioning in these valves cause chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) which hinders blood flow cycle in human body, which could be life threatening for you.

Affected Body PartChronic Venous

Venous insufficiency (CVI) has its worst affect on legs, a person going through the condition may feel swelling, pain and skin color change with the passing of time in severe conditions, patient has chances to get leg ulcers.

Symptoms Associated with Chronic Venous insufficiency (CVI)

• Swelling and pain in legs
• Leather skin texture on legs
• Leg cramps
• Tightness in claves
• Weak legs
• Leg ulcers etc.

Symptoms goes worse, if delayed in treatment, lack of treatment puts extra pressure on blood vessels and may burst them and can cause ulcers which are hard to heal. If someone out there is noticing the symptoms from longer period of time Sunil S. Rayan MD FACS is the apposite physician to go and get your symptoms checked for appropriate diagnosis.

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What Causes Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

In general a blood clot is responsible for CVI’s which is called varicose veins in medical terminology. There are plethoras of causes for blood clots some of the major one are:
• Lack of physical activity may lead for blood clots.
• Obesity and being overweighed.
• Family medical history for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
• If you are a smoker.
• Sitting and standing for long stenches of hours.
• More than one time pregnancy.
• Leg injury.
• Muscle weakness.
• Swelling of phlebitis.

Preventive Measures by Dr Sunil S. Rayan

Prevention is always better then cures; small changes in your life styles could help you to make a safe escape from arousal of the particular health issue. One can give a try to following options to improve the blood flow in the veins.

1) Stockings for Compression: Elastic socks are required to put pressure on the legs which plays its part in blood movement. They are easily available in the market in different styles, lengths and tightness.

2) Keep Your Body In Movement: Avoid sitting and standing for long hours, if your job required constant sitting keep wrangling your legs, feet and ankles. It helps you to manage proper blood flow. Apart from this, it reduces the pressure from the veins.

3) Exercise and Workout: Physical workout helps to pump blood in your body, Dr. Sunil Says you do not need to go for intense work out, walking is sufficient to maintain proper flow of blood inside your body.

Hopefully, this blog would be a great help for you to take a lead towards quality life with good health. For severe venous insufficiency conditions make your dependent rely on Sunil Rayan.


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