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Carefully listens to your heart beat, it not only ensure that you are alive but a strong indication that your cardiovascular system is working at its optimum level. When it comes to functioning of cardiovascular system it moves forward in a loop which starts form heart and ends at heart. The whole of the journey depends on arteries, veins and capillaries.

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Arteries plays its significant role to take blood away from heart and on the other side veins takes it back to the heart it’s a never ending process that keeps on going continuously without a break till death. Get into the details of the system with Sunil Rayan MD.

Bifurcating of Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular system can be comprises in three different parts:

  • Heart (Cardiovascular System)
  • Lungs (Pulmonary System)
  • Arteries
  1. Heart (Cardiovascular System): It is system inside your body which takes full responsibility to supply essential nutrients throughout to ensure the proper nourishment for your body and provide protection against numerous diseases and stabilizes your body temperature as well as body pH.
  2. Lungs (Pulmonary System): It carries away deoxygenated blood from right most ventricle of the heart to the lungs and returns oxygenated blood to the left atrium of the heart. In pulmonary circulation pulmonary arteries and veins keeps their remarkable participation.
  3. Arteries: Arteries are the crucial one that takes responsibility to carry oxygenated blood and all essential nutrients to different body parts. If one keenly wants to know about vascular system, one can make his/her relying on Sunil Rayan MD a medical professional keeps years of experience in the field.  

Diseases of the Circulatory System

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death concluded by most of the surveys, because of its vastness and complicated nature this is the body system i.e. most prone to diseases. Human circulatory system consists of following diseases.

  • Arteriosclerosis: It is the hardening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries. The process puts restrictions on the blood flow and leads to severe health risks. Bad habits like smoking and bad diet adds on in the severity of problem.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases (Stroke): Sunil explains it as a primarily cause of problems with the circulation in the blood vessels of the brain. If a blockage lasts less than 24 hours in medical terminology is referred as transient ischemic attack. A complete blockage with long term effects referred to as accidental strokes.
  • Heart Failure:  It occurs due to pumping action of heart when it fails to pump enough of blood to the rest of the body as it is required or needed. It can damage heart muscles which can cause heart attack and severe heart failure.
  • Congenital Heart Diseases: medical science explains this problem with the structure of the heart because of birth defects; it may vary from this small problem to complex ones and sometimes become severe and one needs to correct it with surgical intervention.
  • Peripheral Vascular Diseases: It is the health issue which has its impact on arteries of legs, and cause pain while walking because of poor blood circulation.

Symptoms of Artery Diseases

  • Chest Pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness and Weakness
  • Palpitations (Skipped beats or up-down feeling in your chest)
  • Sweating
  • Nausea etc.

If lifestyle changes are not enough, going for appropriate medication would be an appropriate option to give a try, in this notion you can make your relying on Sunil Rayan MD a renowned vascular surgeon in the field.


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