Kohler Generators Are Famous for Their Performance


Kohler generators are powered by Kohler engines. It is one of the most reliable names in the generator market. This famous brand makes gas, diesel, and LP generators in a large variety of sizes, and power capacities. If you are looking for an 8.5 or a 2800 kW or anything in between, Kohler has just the right model to fulfill your power needs. At home, the load is less and at the factory, it is a lot more. There are more than sixty models that you can choose from to fulfill your residential and factory production needs.

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The motors of these generators are designed to start easily. Most of the generators models have an automatic transfer switch (ATS) while others are ATS ready. Having an ATS is good in terms of safety. When grid power is lost your generator will start automatically and will shut itself down on its own as well. In the absence of an ATS, there can be back feeding to the power lines when utility power returns.

Kohler generators are housed in an aluminum casing which has a weather resistant coating. When you buy a unit for your house, get it installed away from the building. The best installations are made by a professional electrician. You can choose the specific floors, rooms or areas of the house you wish to power when there is a blackout.

For a small house, a 22kW unit is sufficient. It will power up an air conditioning, the freezer, refrigerator, sump pump, and other essentials. With the help of an electrician, you can have a completely separate electric panel that will be connected to the generator. During power outages, only things connected to this panel will have power. Kohler generators are also used as a standby generator as you can hook up anything to it you want to power. They are famous for their performance and reliability.

Kohler is a favorite brand of hospitals due to its reliability. The emergency rooms continue to serve patients and all the surgeries are carried out on time when grid power fails. These generators are also used for outdoor parties, for events, and for off-the-grid living.


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