Learn Furniture Market Success Tactics by Abe Malla

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Furniture market is one of the emerging businesses in today’s world. If you choose the right steps then obviously the success will be yours. Abe Malla offer different type of tactics that will help everyone to improve their business.

Follow the Tactics

Find a Particular Niche

First of all you need to find a particular niche for your furniture market. Specify the materials you will be going to use, such as wood and metal etc. You need to perform a market analysis to assess the demand for your furniture. Need to identify your target market and their distinguishing characteristics. A market analysis studies give proper pricing for your product and your target market.

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Choose It May be Offline or Online Business

After understanding the niche one may choose the offline store or online business. You can choose to rent a store front with a workshop and sell your furniture or to develop your website and take only online orders. You can choose to do the both.

Choose the Location

Then after this most important is choose the location. If you plan to open a physical store then there is need to find a space that suits your customer’s needs.  If your target market is uptown, then choose a space that’s easy to find and accommodate parents with children. Also, take care of suppliers. The space is comfortable for suppliers too.

Structure of Business

Then there is need to structure for business such as corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. The structure you choose affects how you file your income taxes.

Licenses and Permits

Then need to obtain licenses and permits. Every country requires some form of business or license to operate legally in that country. You need to visit the official website of your government to research what is required to open your furniture business. There are some specific regulations about the location of your furniture making business.

Then write a business plan. In today’s world every businessman invests time in writing a business plan.  It will commit your ideas and plans to writing and provides a path to success. However, if you want your furniture-making business to be successful, then you must invest time defining marketing strategies, developing economic projections and organizing and managing your business.


Then if you don’t have enough funds to start your business then there is need to raise the fund. In this way you need to find the funding sources. The sources may be your friends, family or other business associates who would be willing to invest in your furniture store.

Abe Malla is a founder and CEO of Westside Market. And It is Atlanta’s Design leading business in Furniture, Vintage, Lighting and Art. The headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in the year of 2015. It is public type of company and currently 11 to 50 employees working there. The main specialist areas are Furniture, Rugs, Interior Design, Decor, Art, Home Design, Lighting, Vintage, and Furniture Rentals.


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