Make Fashion A Way of Your Life


“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, you must have heard this idiom many times and must have taken this idiom as appearances don’t matter but the ideal meaning of this idiom is that appearances can be deceptive but appearances do matter and when it comes to the lives of the human appearances become way more important because according to scientific research by scientists reveal we can’t resist the temptation of anything beautiful and fashion can make or mar us because beautiful and attractive people appear more trustworthy, likable, people are more likely to help them and hence they are more successful at work and the same is supported by Jesse Keyes the famous fashion designer.


1)     It gives you a sense of free-thinking if you keep on questioning the usual ways of dressing which others have fitted themselves in and never questioned about. It may give you the impression of being rebellious but surely you will be seen as more confident who is ready to break the stereotypes set by society.

2)     It is a beautiful way of self-expression. Fashion is all about expressing yourself. How you don a dress says quite a lot about yourself. If you are particularly a fan of rap music or rappers then donning yourself in the way your favorite rappers don themselves without losing streak of your individuality will help you give the impression that you are a good rapper and help you in going ahead with making it as a career because we humans believe what we see. We expect a certain type of dressing and attire from each professional.

3) Knowing in and outs of the fashion and how fashion has evolved will help you understand the psychology of humans more. Why a certain era is associated with a certain type of fashion? Why people hailing from different regions have their parameters of defining fashion? The person which might be appearing fashionable and cool to you, might not be appearing the same to other person hailing from a different region.

4) It can help you relieve your stress. Don’t you feel stress busting while buying your favorite fashionable dress and then appreciating your own beauty?

 Yes!  you may come across as a little narcissist but you will never find a better person to fall in love with you other than yourself as rightly quoted by Jesse Keyes.

5) It will end up making you more successful if you get the crux of what fashion is all about and how best to carry yourself. In the studies social scientists have found time and again that our thinking and conditioning moulds the way we dress ourselves. If we dress fashionable we will have a high value of ourselves and people just can’t help valuing us more if we value ourselves high. People unwittingly help beautiful and fashionable people because it gives them the impression that the person who takes good care of himself must be a responsible person in every sphere of life. 


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