Meet Navjyot Gurudatta – The Master of Celebrity Management


Navjyot Gurudatta is one of the youngest and successful names in celebrity management, he owns a startup called ‘Fame Managers’

Navjyot was a contestant of famous reality TV show MTV Roadies and that’s turning point of his life where people started Recognizing him.

Navjyot Gurudutta’s experience in online marketing is going to take him far since he knows how to grow business through digital marketing skills, he is a name you need to look out for Online Marketing Growth.

Online marketing is becoming extremely important worldwide, Navjyot believes India is still doesn’t know the power of online marketing and the future for it in India has tremendous growth and opportunity for yougsters.

Navjyot’s team manages 149+ Celebrity/Brand Clients at the moment but Navjyot & his team are targeting to hit 700+ Celebrity/Brand Clients mark this Year.

His GOAL is to make people famous through online platfoms.

Social media is very sensitive place, Celebs & Brands at time finds trouble using the place as they get many fake profiles as competitors. So Navjyot help them to sort it out.

Navjyot : I’m happy helping others and will continue this for life.

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