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Now that Dubai has reopened for tourists, you would surely add a trip to Dubai first in your bucket list. The glitzy high rises, the beaches and the most enchanting dhow cruises are waiting to welcome you to the most attractive tourist destination in the world. So, what are you waiting for now? Grab your tickets and fly down to Dubai to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. While you make your arrangements to fly to Dubai, we bring to you some of the most exciting places you can visit here.

Dhow Cruise

The dhow cruise has become one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai and is serving as an icon of the UAE for more than a century now. Exclusive entertainment, grandeur and some exquisite food on board, these traditional cruises are something you should not miss while visiting Dubai. These elegant vintage wooden dhow cruises still maintain the traditions of Dubai. You can experience some breathtaking sights of sunsets and calm water sailing through the Creek, and watching the glittery lit buildings is one sight that you should not miss while visiting Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

The 829.9 meter long structure, standing proudly in the middle of the city and marking the tallest buildings of the world, is one major eye catcher of Dubai. Just staring at this huge building is not sufficient for you take a feel of the world’s tallest building. The observation deck on the 124th floor of this building is one thing you must not miss while touring Dubai. To get an even better look of the city make sure you visit the Burj Khalifa during the night to get the complete view of the city lit with colourful lights during the night. So if you are in Dubai, buy your tickets and savor the exotic look of the city from this tower.

Dubai Museum

Built in 1787, the Dubai museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort near the Dubai Creek. The fort initially served as a residence to the ruling royal family of Dubai and now is serving as a museum exhibiting the rich history and culture of Dubai. One can find artifacts and handicrafts older than 3000 years and the weaponry and boats along with many other exhibits depicting the rich heritage of the Emirate lifestyle back then. A small visit to the Dubai museum will surely enrich your knowledge about the country’s history and enlighten you with the various aspects of the Emirate’s culture.

Dubai Creek and Al Seef Street

After touring the Dubai Museum, you can pay a visit to the Dubai Creek. The Creek divides the city into two parts: Deira and Bur Dubai. The Creek has played an important role in developing Dubai. The sailors often invite the tourists to their boat to give them a more clear insight of the lifestyle of the people residing near the Creek. This also connects you to Bastakia in Old Dubai, which  glorifies the traditional lifestyles of people here. To travel across the Creek you can either get aboard a dhow cruise or take an Abra, a small wooden ferry.


Located on the northern Bank of Dubai Creek, Deira is known for its traditional markets, also known as souks. The gold souk is one of the most acclaimed gold markets in the world. One should not miss the architectural gems and the pedal shops of Deira market, which is also known for its spices like saffron, paprika, cumin, etc. Apart from these, there is also the perfume souk, where you can buy the traditional oud and attar as well as the modern branded perfumes.

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Dubai Frame

Sitting slap-bang between Dubai’s older neighborhoods clustered around the creek and the city’s modern sprawl, this enormous 150-meter-high picture frame is one of Dubai’s latest sights. Inside, a series of galleries whisk you through the city’s history where you get to learn about the Emirati heritage, before you travel up to the Sky Deck, where there are fantastic panoramas of both Old and New Dubai to be snapped on the viewing platforms.

Afterwards, check out Future Dubai gallery, which imagines what a futuristic vision of the city will look like.

Conclusion So whenever you plan to visit Dubai, do not forget to pay a visit to these exquisite places to get a taste of the Emirates culture and the modern architecture here.


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