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Travelling around the world is never being completely free, but it can be managed wisely to save money. To avoid wasting money, you need to follow the terrific strategies for bookings before you left for your journey.  Usually noticed that for any trip, the flight and accommodation charges are high.

And why is this so? Any idea regarding this?

No worry, My20DollarTravelBusiness brings you all the answers and surprising strategies to save money on hotel bookings.

Choose Direct Booking:

This strategy may be sound quite old-fashioned, but it works. It provides you with a good discount as compared to booking from several travelling websites. Just pick up your phone and make a direct call to any hotel or travel business owner, you can ask them for a discount, and you inevitably get a good one.

Do You Have Any Idea Of How Discount Sites Work?

They get good discounts from the hotels, but they offer you a small amount of premium for you to make a good profit for themselves. That’s why it’s better to choose a direct communication strategy instead of trusting the travelling sites.

Plan a Trip in the Off-Season:

An off-season trip costs less and makes your trip less crowded. On the other hand, you can save quite well on hotel bookings if you pick up a hotel via reputed travel sites such as My 20DollarTravelBusiness. In an off-season, you can explore the places easily.

Grab the Special Deals:

Yes, this one is a fantastic strategy to save the right amount of money on hotel bookings. All you need is to be attentive to these special offers. Mostly, there is a holiday booking season in which you get a big discount, even in luxurious rooms. You can get these exclusive offers even from My20DollarTravelBusiness. Try to keep an eye on such superb deals if you have any plans to travel.

Subscribe to Memberships:

To grab great hotel rooms at a lower price, all you need is to subscribe to the membership. Many hotel companies provide you with such groups with different rewarding schemes.

Hotel Credit Card and Coupons:

You need to be Lil bit creative for saving your money on Hotel Bookings, and for this, you can go with the search for coupons idea. And check out for the rewards which include hotel credit card offers as well. From the credit card offers, you may get some points for a free hotel stay.  You can visit My20DollarTravelBusiness website to find reliable hotel prices.


Well, before planning your trip, it is necessary to keep your budget in mind. Do proper research about the various hotels and reliable packages from the reputed websites. Keep an eye on the exclusive deals and coupons as well. You may save well by subscribing to a membership provided by many hotel companies. Besides all these strategies, you can quickly go with well-known travelling websites as they offer you discounts in particular seasons.


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