Nir Babani – Top 8 Misconceptions about the Federal Express Entry Program

Nir Babani - Misconceptions about the Federal Express Entry Program

The Federal Express Entry Program is very popular, however, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths regarding it. We took the time to create a list of myths to give a better idea for prospective applicants of what the program is about.

Myth 1. Anyone can enter the Federal Express Entry Program

Fact: You can enter the Express Entry only if you are eligible for immigrating to Canada via the Federal Economic Immigration Program.

This simply isn’t true. You will be admitted to join the pool only if you are eligible for immigrating to Canada via their Federal Economic Immigration Program. You do need to be eligible for a Federal Skilled Trades Program. That means you need a score of over 67 points from 100 points Factors that are being assessed are: Education, Age, Work Experience, Language proficiency, etc.

Myth 2. You can see your ranking and points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

Fact: Although candidates will be able to see their CRS Score, they will not be able to see their specific ranking.

The Comprehensive Ranking system is predominantly for CIC’s benefit, as an accurate method of ranking the most eligible candidates. CIC does not release information such as how many points will be required for upcoming draws, although eligible candidates can see the points required for draws that have already taken place.

Being able to see this information may help you work out a number of points you should aim for, although surpassing this will not provide you with any guarantees that you will be issued an invitation to apply for permanent residence via Express Entry.

The Canadian immigration system is very dynamic, one of the best remedies for the uncertainty this process involves is to secure a job offer from a Canadian employer. It will allow the applicant to scientifically increase chances to be invited by the Federal or Provincial Governments, or by starting the journey in Canada on a temporary permit, and eventually be issued with permanent residency status after some Canadian work Experience acquired. You can consult with Nir Babani, the members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Myth 3. You need a job offer in order to be qualified.

Fact: A job offer is not absolutely necessary, but it will most definitely help to improve your chances to be selected 

It’s true that Canadian employers have a significant impact on the Express Entry stream that said, having secured a job offer is not compulsory in order to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Express Entry Stream. 

If you’re a candidate in the Express Entry pool, you’ll be awarded points and ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on your Education, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, Age, etc. Under this system, you could score a maximum of 1,200 points. Up to 600 points are allocated towards your professional profile, and additional 600 points may be awarded when the applicant receives a nomination by Canada’s 10 provinces, or if the applicant is able to secure a qualified job offer from a private-sector employer, which awards the application anywhere from 50 points to 200 points. 

At any event, being able to secure a job offer can be a game-changer in your immigration journey.

Myth 4. You should submit your profile to the pool of candidates only if your CRS score is very close to the last published draw.

Fact: Some provinces draw candidates who scored 300-350 points. 

It’s true that candidates who score anywhere from 460 points to 480 points are likely to receive an invitation to apply by the Federal Government, known as ITA, almost on spot. However, as much as you are talented, you’re most likely won’t score that high based on your professional profile. You are welcome to calculate your score using this link:

The vast majority of the applicants score anywhere from 300 points to 455 points. These applicants are very much welcome to join the pool as the criteria, set forth by the Canadian immigration system, is of the opinion that each one of these candidates has a very good professional profile. The system allows these applicants to join the pool so that they will be able to expose themselves to as many provinces or private sector employers who may extend to them a job offer, through a governmental job board, known as a job bank.

Eventually, the whole purpose of the pool is to expose international talents, who are good enough to join the pool, to Canadian employers and provinces. Proactive applicants are likely to secure a job offer, and by that to establish that their skills, talent and work experience are recognized by Canadian employers.

As a matter of fact, many candidates, currently over 50,000 profiles who scored 300 to 455 points already submitted their profiles to the Federal Pool of skilled workers, as they understand it may open for them lots of employment opportunities. Furthermore, Canadian employers, from the private sector, are much more receptive to hire a foreign national, who is applying for a vacant position, when they know he has already started an immigration process. It’s a clear sign the applicant is committed to this immigration project and getting ready properly for it. Canadian employers are attracted to candidates who are proactive as it builds trust and justifies, for many of them, the wait time involved in hiring foreign nationals.

Last but not least, the Canadian system is very dynamic; the draw score is subject to governmental decisions related to the current requirements of the Canadian economy and society. Having a high score today does not mean you will be selected in the next draw.

Canada Immigration requires a marathon approach to the whole process, most Candidates take it one step at a time and start by submitting their profiles to the pool of candidates knowing it’s an important step towards realizing their immigration project.

Myth 5. Express Entry is the only method you can use to immigrate to Canada

Fact: Some provinces will select immigrants outside the Federal Express Entry pool

While the Federal Express Entry Program is very popular, in some cases provinces will end up selecting immigrants that are not a part of this system. Every province has a Provincial Nominee Program they use to select immigrants.

So, even if the Federal Express Entry Program is the most common system, applicants can always apply directly through the Provincial streams given. They already secured a job offer from a Canadian Employer in this particular province. British Columbia, for example, has the Skilled Worker internal stream and the Federal Express Entry system as well, and they both work very well.

It differs based on the province, but it’s certainly possible to not be a part of the Federal Express Entry Program and still to secure a job offer. Most immigrants have been using the Federal Express Entry program since 2015 and onward. That being said, you can still go with the provincial programs as they can be a very good alternative.

Myth 5. If you are invited to apply for permanent residence, you have plenty of time to collect all documents.

Fact: You need to prepare your documents before the 60-day deadline, this way you can have everything ready when you get the invitation to apply.

You shouldn’t wait until you receive an invitation to apply until you gather your documents. The truth is that acquiring all the documents and making sure that they are up to the CIC standard is not easy. That means you have to collect essential information about your professional profile as well as supporting documents such as identity documents, employer reference letters, education credentials, Language proficiency assessments, etc. So you shouldn’t leave this towards the end. 

Instead, you want to make sure that everything is managed accordingly and in a very professional manner. The submission deadline is up to 60 days, but you need to avoid preparing last-minute. Proper preparation can help make quite a difference. Mr. Nir Babani, the founder of TFG Canada Immigration Firm, can guide you for permanent residence in Canada.

Myth 6. You don’t need to pass any language tests in order to enter the Express Entry pool

Fact: Candidates are required to pass a French or English language test before entering the pool.

All candidates must demonstrate their language proficiency in either English or French in order to be included in the Express Entry pool. Official tests are IELTS or TEF. Bear in mind that test results must meet the eligibility requirements set by the Government; you must score at least 7 all four abilities, Writing, Speaking, Reading, and listening. 

We recommend you take a language test as soon as possible as without it you won’t be able to enter the Express Entry pool.

Myth 7. After you create the Express Entry profile, you can’t update it

Fact: Any candidate is able to update their profile whenever they see fit.

After the Federal Express Entry profile is submitted, you can update it at any given time. So not only are you allowed to make changes at any given time, you are encouraged to do that. Showcasing new skills, qualifications, work experiences, and so on can make a huge difference, and that’s exactly what you need to go for as part of constant effort to increase your CRS score.

You may also receive a provincial nomination or job offer from a Canadian employer, which would give you a significant point boost. While your profile remains in the pool, it will not be ‘locked’ at any time

Myth 8. Express Entry is making the immigration process very easy

Fact: Despite the fact that this process might seem apparently quite easy, the Government is studying every profile closely, failure to comply with the program’s criteria may result in refusal of the application.

The Canadian government has been designed to address the country’s labor market shortages and fulfill its long-term economic needs. The Government has been working on improving its system; it is now more efficient than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that your application will not undergo the same amount of screening as before, it is absolutely imperative that you meticulously prepare all your supporting documentation and ensure all of your information is accurate.

Do you want to apply for Express Entry?

You will only receive an invitation to apply for a permanent residence if you become part of the Express Entry pool. Our focus is to help you stand out and show that you are the right pick for the Canadian Government or private sector businesses. We will make sure that you highlight your skills and talents you can bring to the table and with our help, the governments and Canadian employers will notice you. This is the best way to maximize your chances to realize your immigration goals.


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